EOTW Waist Bag Fanny Pack

I get razzed all the time about my "Man Bag" or "Fanny Pack", but as most every day carry fanatics know, a good bag is important. Over the past 5 years, i've been using a waist sling bag that I originally bought in Japan at Uniqlo. After conversion, the bag was around $15 dollars CAD and the dollars per use is pennies in the long run. I used that bag almost every day until I found this EOTW bag. 

As I was doing my daily browsing on Amazon.ca, I came across the lightning deal for this EOTW waist bag for $14.99. Looking at the pictures, I thought the dimensions were perfect for what I need it for. 

2 days shipping and it was at my door this afternoon! First impressions, it's a bit smaller than I expected but it'll really force me to minimize. Second impression, there aren't a lot of dedicated spaces for things like pens, utility knives or phones. Which means that the chance of scratching screens would be high. 

As you can see in my photo below, these are the things I carry:

From Left to right: Work pass, bag of napkins, Fantom slim wallet, Leatherman carabiner with keys, Leatherman multitool, Space Pen, Chapstick, coins, more less used cards, slim external battery charger, iPhone 6 plus, AirPods. 

In my previous bag, carrying the above was simple and I had plenty of room to spare. I could have even included my new Kindle Paperwhite. But with this EOTW, it is much smaller and more compact which limits how much weight I put in it. Now why is this a good thing? Having that weight on my neck and shoulder area sucked over time.

Having a bag like this one is good so you don't have to pack your pockets with everything above (for example, jacket pockets, jean pockets). Not just that, but I find it stylish, perhaps North Americans don't think so but in Japan, this is a normal men's accessory. 

I just wished it had better separated compartments for delicate items such as my phone. One feature that stood out for me was the reflector on the strap. With so many people getting hit by cars in Metro Vancouver, any reflectors could help pedestrians feel more visible. The EOTW also comes in 6 colours all priced the same at $17.99 (http://amzn.to/2icKZc7). 

If you can get around the fact that this is still a fanny pack in the end, I highly recommend that you check out the EOTW waist bag as your first "Man Bag". Haters gonna hate, be different and just own it.

Bottom line:

  • Great for everyday use
  • Awesome for travellers
  • Stylish (at least I think so)
  • Multiple ways of wearing it
  • Cheap

Until next time.