SZNS Minimalist Wallet Review

This incredible thin minimalistic wallet contains a self-retracting pull tab, RFID block shield and premium leather materials. 

Let’s start with the self-retracting pull tab. This wallet requires two hands to operate. And as a spoiler alert, that’s the only downside of the SZNS. In all honesty, there’s not a lot of wallets out there that are operated with one hand. 

RFID is a nice touch when most of our cards now are RFID-equipped or at least have the tap function. For example, my transit card, credit card, debit card, and NEXUS card. It’s good to know that my cards are protected from unwanted thieves. 

The one thing I love about this wallet is the attention to detail to the construction. I’ve handled a lot of minimalistic wallets and I’ve seen some really shotty constructed ones. When you take a close look at the stitching of this wallet, you’ll notice how clean and exact they were. One small detail that I absolutely loved is where the leather meet, they managed to melt the leather together to make it seamless. 

The leather that they used on mine is the tanned one and it feels fantastic in my hands. It holds about 2-8 cards and during my test period, I constantly had 8 cards in. It had very little bulk to it and never did any cards fall out during my use. 

Lastly, there are quick access slots in the front and back of this wallet. They are perhaps one of my favourite features because you can tuck in the cash and it’s secure. I’ve used the traditional type of money clip wallets before and I’ve actually lost my cash. But with this quick access slot, I feel confident enough to carry cash again.

SZNS wallets also carry a 2 year warranty and have free shipping within the U.S. 

Many thanks to Amir again for allowing me to review this wallet. Congratulations on an excellent product!

Until next time. Peace!