MKC Wallet Review for KICKSTARTER

There is something pleasant about this wallet when you flip out your keys to unlock the door. Perhaps it’s the easy of selecting a key and not having to search through your bag and then select the right key from the ring. 

In addition, the soft-touch leather, that ages incredibly well with markings and scars are beautiful to look at but it feels even sexier in the hands. 

In the 7 days that I’ve used this wallet, I’ve had no real complaints in regards to the functionality of the wallet. Card access has been good, although it doesn’t have a quick release or fanning features. Think of it more of a traditional card wallet. 

Here are the negative aspects of this wallet:

1. It’s thicker than most of the other wallets that I’ve tried. BUT, I don’t always keep my wallet in my pocket so it doesn’t really bother me. 
2. No solution for car key fobs yet. Most new cars now are equipped with Key Fobs and this wallet is catered more so to people who don’t have those type of devices. There was mention that they are testing a solution for this issue.
3. Not the sexiest design although as I mentioned earlier, the leather is really nice. 

Besides the negatives, the positives include the following:

1. Easy installation of keys using their Chicago screws. No tools required to install keys or remove keys. 
2. I can fit about 5-6 cards
3. Option to add a USB key or bottle opener
4. Canadian company
5. It’s an all in one solution, well almost 100% executed minus the key fob situation

So who is this wallet for?
It’s best for someone who doesn’t own a car that uses a key fob, a person who perhaps transits instead of drives. A person who doesn’t own that many keys, I only use 3 keys. If you can live with a wallet that only carries about 4-5 cards. 

When I first saw this wallet, I didn’t like the initial look of it. But I have to say, it’s growing on me, especially the key functionality. I may use this for another week to see if the key solution is good enough to make me stay.