Popsocket - The real fidget toy that you should buy cause it's useful

Phone manufacturers are making their devices bigger and bigger. They are also becoming more and more fragile as they start to utilize all the real estate for the screen, example, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. 

I recently discovered for myself, the Popsocket, the solution to holding your large phones. It's a simple but effective product because it re-trained me to hold my phone. In the past, I'd use my pinky to rest my iPhone and over time, my pinky became sore from the weight of the iPhone 6 plus. 

Installation is super simple, just remove the adhesive tape cover, find the spot you want to hold your phone, stick, press, done. 

When your phone is in your pocket, collapse it and it's barely noticeable. When you need it, just pop it out and hold it between your fingers. It feels so natural in the hands and it's actually a great addition to my runs. It feels way more secure between my fingers that it is in my hands. It can also convert to a stand when you pop the socket out.

Also if you own a slippery phone, then a Popsocket is a must have to reduce the change of any drops. Those dang slippery Samsung phones...

For $10-$15 Canadian, it's not THAT bad considering you will use it every day. Cost per use is ridiculously low if you take my justification. 

Check out my Amazon link below if you want to pick one up yourself.