I fully bought into Saje

If there's one thing that I was brainwashed on after Real Talk Summit 2017 is on the health benefits of aromatherapy. I've been considering alternative methods of relieving Bear's (my dog) allergies. He has it so bad that he's constantly licking his paws to the point the hairs are missing. 

After listening to a panel of speakers which included the previous CEO of Saje, Jean-Pierre LeBlanc,  I decided to give it a shot (what's the harm?). First, I did my research on their website and it's a very pleasant website for the eyes. The one thing I'm realizing now is that the website experience is very similar to the store aesthetics as well (impressive). Lots of information, easily found, and the best part of being at Saje, is the customer experience. 

The customer service representatives at Saje are truly different compared to a lot of stores. They're super friendly and take ownership in terms of finding solutions for their customers. I've been to two stores, Coquitlam Centre and Lonsdale Quay, and I'm pleased to say that the experience was identical. In the span of a week, I dropped about $90 on aromatherapy products for my diffuser and also roll on oils.

The ones I purchased:

- Allergy kit - comes with diffuser oil, roll on oil, spray, and a car diffuser (was on special for $25 after spending $25).

- Energy roll on - I'm trying to drink less coffee, it's a nice smell, citrus hints.

- Immune roll on - Helps with fighting colds and germs, nice mint smell.

- Liquid sunshine - I love this, I use it in my car diffuser and it's actually wonderful to open my car door to be awakened by this citrus smell. 

- Kiss mint breathe spray- It's not bad, two sprays and let it linger. Tastes great. 

Results so far, Bear actually has been licking a lot less. I spray his back twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. His hairs on his paws are actually growing back. If Bear was a human then perhaps I can use the placebo effect comment but he can't talk and he's a dog. I'm a firm believer because from the end to end transaction and to the user experience, I can't say enough good things about Saje. 

They're also cruelty free which means the products are not tested on animals.In the end I pay a little more for my day to day products but it's worth it if animals are not tortured for our vanity. Also, the first question I asked a staff member was if the product was safe for animals because of my dogs. 

Thanks to everyone who's helped at Saje and also Jean-Luc for spreading the word on alternative medicines.