Jukebox Print - My go to place to print business cards

Location: 165 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Cost: $55 for 500 Silk Matte quality cards, it's silky smooth!

Website: www.jukeboxprint.com - the site isn't as polished as some of the American companies down south but if you have your graphics then it's pretty simple.

Ease of use: I suggest that you use a site like Canva or have someone professionally design your card so that you make sure you have a polished card. I like mine to be pretty simple so I used Canva to make mine. Jukebox Print goes through a proofing processes and they'll send you an email for you to double check things they noticed such as typos (which I had). Additional proofs may incur extra charges. I also took advantage of the local pick up option to save on charges. They are open on Saturdays as well from 10am but they do go on break so check their website for specific hours. 

Time of completion: Took 12 days total to complete and this accounts for weekends and an additional submission because of my typo.