Hario Cold Brew Pitcher Review

When I first started drinking coffee, it was a typical double double (two cream, two sugars), and the thought of black coffee was pure blasphemy. Since I cut sugar out of my life, I have started to appreciate coffee a lot more in it's purest form. My palette has come accustomed to a preference in how I like my coffee, not too bitter, not too acidic, a general smooth tone. That's probably 90% of people's preference but you would be surprised how bad people can make an Americano.

I recently saw a Kickstarter for a cold brew system that looked like a glass beaker, large enough to fill maybe 2 cups of coffee. I was curious but the price made me look elsewhere. The one I found and purchased was the Hario Cold New Pitcher. 

I knew pretty much nothing about cold brew besides the fact that no hot water is used to make it hence the "cold" brew portion of it. I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived in two days and I immediately prepped my coffee for the next work day.

Word of warning, there is no instructions that are written in English for this system. I used the directions from my Tim Horton's bag of 2 scoops for every 250ml of coffee which means I needed 8 scoops per pitcher which seemed like a lot. In all honesty, I suck at math and in my mind 8 became 5 scoops. There are visual diagrams what you're supposed to do but there are no measurements and the diagram said fill with water to a certain point. Easy enough. 

Once that was done, I stirred it a bit to make sure the water coursed through all of the coffee grind. I placed the lid on and into the fridge for the brewing aspect of it. About 11 hours later, I took it out of the fridge and extracted the filter to dump out the coffee grind. A screw bottom made it easy to clean out the filter, rinse and dry. 

The taste. How would I describe it in words? Smooth, minimal acidity, different flavour profile, cold, and really easy to drink. 

The only thing I don't like about it is how much coffee I need to use to make a pitcher of cold brew. Besides that, this is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to make cold brew at home.