Enneagram: A personality test that is worth it

I remember in the past, we did a personality test at work so that people would be more aware of how people work and tick. It was called Insights and I enjoyed it a lot, but over time, people have forgotten about it and so have I. 

Fast forward to last Saturday, Jean-Pierre from Saje was on stage talking about Enneograms, a personality test with 144 questions and a long report that is emailed to you afterwards. It’s a $12 USD test and it took me about 30 minutes to complete. I really placed careful thought into each answer to hopefully get the most accurate response. 

Once complete, an email is sent to you with a detailed report describing the type of person you are with a breakdown of who you are as to the core. It also comes with recommendations on what one should do being a certain type. I’m not talking about a specific job but how to find the balance in life, what to focus on that works for you.

It was determined that I had two types of personality. The first one was a type 4 which meant that I was an Individualist (no surprise here as I am an only child). 

The Sensitive, Introspective Type:
Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental

Self-absorbed may be a bit extreme as I’m really aware of how I interact with people. I guess I sometimes carry a conversation talking about myself like what I’m doing now. Dammit. 

But it really hit the nail on the head when it described me, what makes me tick, what drives me, and how I see life. I was really impressed especially with this statement:

Everything about that statement is true, I’m often sad when I take time off. Perhaps I’m a workaholic, but if I take time off, I have to be doing something. I find myself trying to help others now on the weekends because I find the greatest joy to be involved in other people’s growth. 

I’ve fought the connection aspect for a really long time and it’s crazy that now, I am realizing that connecting with people, albeit it was difficult, brings me the most joy. Connections not money. 

I guess skeptics could say that I’m plucking pieces that resonate with me but I honest believe that everything about a type 4, individualist, is me. I was tied with a loyalist type which is a 9 but not everything resonated with me as strongly as the type 4 description. 

The Enneagram institute has a very good personality test that some of you may find valuable, especially if you’re asking yourself, who you are and what are you passionate about. It may give you a realization that the thoughts and doubts are perhaps just what your personality is like.