The Logitech MX Master: Dominating the market?

I was in the market for a mouse and tech review after tech review, the recommendation was the Logitech MX master. It's a wireless mouse that comes with a dongle, 7+ buttons with gesture control, in a sleek finish. 

Well I'll be damned, this is a nice looking mouse, but in the end, it's just a mouse. How does it feel in the hand? Great, actually really good. My average sized hands seem to fit perfect with the mouse. The whole purpose of buying this mouse was to program the different keys for different programs, but more specifically Final Cut Pro. 

So far, the only function that I've programmed differently is the horizontal scroll which allows me to browse my timeline. Other than that, I'm somewhat disappointed to find out that I can't customize things like cut or add select functions to the mouse. The fancy functions that it touts is the gesture control, press down with your thumb and drag up, down, left, or right. To be honest, it doesn't feel natural. The force trackpad on my MacBook Pro feels way more intuitive than the mouse. 

Bottom line, the hype is not real with this mouse, I even found that the clicking of the buttons seem overly loud. I'm just being over critical at this point but I've had major connectivity issues with it when I wake my Mac. Sometimes it doesn't connect and I have to manually connect the bluetooth settings. Apparently it's a thing with Macs and there is no ETA on the fix for this. Based on the reliability of the bluetooth connection, my recommendation is to pass on this mouse.

Cheapest is on amazon for just under $100

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