Amazon Echo Dot 2 + Wemo Mini Review

The Amazon Echo Dot 2 is arriving on December 5th through along with the Amazon Echo (gen 2) and Echo Plus. 

Here is a quick summary of what the Amazon Echo Dot 2 offers.

  • A self-contained AI unit with a speaker built into it (no bass but can be loud).
  • Bluetooth connectivity or aux cable. 
  • Wifi enabled.
  • Multi-room music playback.
  • Alexa is always learning new skills through the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Can control your home using additional attachments like lights, TV, any electronic with it connected to a hub.
  • Build your own routine to start your day.
  • Listen to Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Podcasts.
  • Make calls and connect with friends who also have Echos. 

Bottom line: I really love my echo. I use it everyday connected to my speaker via bluetooth, how I get my news, and control my lights. For $50, this is a great start to your smart home.

For more info, click on the video link above!

Purchase it here:

Amazon Echo Dot 2 in Black


Wemo Mini Plug

The Wemo Mini works great with the Echo line. I have no cons for it as it works perfectly the way I need it to. You can schedule a time when it turns on and off, control it anywhere in the world, it's just awesome.
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