Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I'm not an avid reader but with 2017 being the year of self improvement and self help, I decided to read more. Living in our basement suite, we don't have too much room, so buying books just didn't seem logical for me. 

Debating back and forth whether or not to purchase an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, I pulled the trigger and purchased it. Evidently, this item was popular during the Christmas holidays and was back ordered until the first week of January.

The unboxing experience was fantastic, the packaging is sleek and the kindle came out just like an iPad. Unboxing is for dorks and I'm a dork, stay weird folks. 

What I like about the Kindle versus holding a book, it's less awkward. I don't have to move my hand into an awkward yoga pose to spread the pages wide enough (Albatross Pose). Hell, if I continued to read books the way I did, I'm pretty sure I'd get carpal tunnel in no time (you avid readers out there, don't judge). The Kindle is just light, feels lighter than my iPhone and the resolution and backlit display brightness is perfect. The one downside is the fluidity between screens but you can't expect too many from the E-Ink display.There's also this gritty feel on the screen, probably a matte feature to reduce glare. It's no where as silky smooth as iPhone glass, it's actually a plastic type of screen (Palm Pilot like). 

One feature I really enjoy about the Kindle is the ability to highlight the texts so that I can go back and review the important points in the book. Because it's wifi enabled, you can even share quotes directly to Twitter.

Some Kindle books are just dirt cheap compared to the paper version. I heard there is an app out there you can download to import your Pirate Bay collection but it's just so cheap, I rather just hit BUY on my Kindle using the wifi with one click.

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Not everyone needs an e-reader, but if you are in the market for one, just get the Kindle. The Kindle Paperwhite is currently $139 available to ship right now