Aquis® Microfiber Hair Towel - Treat your body like a sports car

I live in a basement suite and in our washroom, my towel never fully dries as the air circulation is poor. So when I came across this interesting towel called the Aquis® microfiber Hair Towel, I said why the hell not?

This product is definitely aimed at women with long hair. Hair that takes FOREVER to dry and they take it one step further suggesting you're damaging your hair with traditional towels. It's hard for me to review that aspect of it cause my hair is nowhere as long as womens'. Perhaps I could ask my friend Lee to demonstrate his luscious hair (hmu if you read this Lee). 

In any case, that portion of the review wasn't going to happen so I pondered, how am I going to review this product. This naturally came to me when I started to use it on my body. You know that feeling when you're drying your car with a microfiber towel and the water disappears on the paint? I felt like my skin was the paint and I was dry with one pass. BOOM my mind exploded in awe. I was the car and now I'm treating my skin the best goddamn towel there is known to Amazon (exaggeration). 

The size of the towel I bought was really meant for hair but for $10 more you could probably get a full body towel. Having said that, my beautiful 6 foot frame was gently wiped dry by the smaller towel with no issues. 

Size of the towel in comparison to my height.  

Size of the towel in comparison to my height.  

I think most guys won't care what type of towel they use to be honest. For me, it's thin enough that it'll dry the next day and probably won't have a weird smell if it doesn't dry all the way. But for women, if it works as advertised for long hair, this may be something you want to look at! 

Bottom line:

  • It's $35, prime eligible, same day delivery available for free if you're a prime member (
  • If you find yourself running out of the house with wet hair every day.
  • You want to treat your skin to a car detail experience.
  • You can wrap it into a turban! I don't have the turban wrapping skills so I can't comment on the ease of that.

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