Palladium Pampa High Cuff Leather Snow Boots

Did you know that Amazon sells more than just books and electronics? Now you can buy clothes and shoes as well. If you're on top of it, sometimes you can get some stellar deals for a limited time.

But what if it doesn't fit? Easy! Just return it with a prepaid label back to Amazon. You can drop off the package at any Canada Post location. The only catch is that the item must be shipped by and not some third party seller. 

Look for the "Free Returns"

Look for the "Free Returns"

I purchased Palladium boots before so I knew that their reputation was good. My other pair I've had for about 5 years now and I still love them. Durability is top notch, the price is on par and sometimes lower than Timberlands. 

These Palladium pampa high cuff leather snow boots have been amazing thus far. I've walked on snow and ice and they've held up pretty well. I'll be honest with you though, I did slip on ice trying to rescue my wife when she slipped on ice. Sometimes no shoes out there will save you unless you have spikes to pierce the ice.The most important part is that they've kept my feet warm and dry. 


Sizing on Palladiums are pretty damn close to exactly what your foot size is. I wear 11.5 in most brands and this fit exactly like my previous pair. But like I said earlier, you can easily return it if it doesn't fit. Also because it's leather, it does require a little bit of a break in until they're absolutely comfortable (not pulling a Foot Locker sales tactic here).

Here's a tip, don't buy anything at the Bay and use Paypal online. If you try to return it in store, they'll give you some BS that your purchase will be refunded in Bay credit. My wife had a hay day on the lady and I managed to get my money back on my credit card but YMMV. 

Pros: Great fit, excellent design, excellent tread, price was stellar, free returns

Cons: None

Here is the link if you're interested

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