Instant Pot IP-LUX50 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker Review

I heard murmurs from friends and family about this product called the Instant Pot. If you do a quick search on Youtube, there has been different generations of this product over the years. Having said that, I really didn't read the reviews on it so this won't be a regurgitation of what others have said (hopefully). 

What was the main reason for buying this product? Easy, to help my mom with the cooking.

The second shift is real in my family and for my mother, she works long hours, majority of it standing. I wanted to help with the cooking so that she can rest when she came home. Plus the fact that I actually enjoy making healthy and tasty food for my family is rewarding. 

First off, the price was unbelievable through, I purchased this on sale for $79.99. The cheapest you could probably get it now is through Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon if it's not on sale. In any case, for $79.99 shipped, it was a no brainer for me. 

I've used pressure cookers before when I moved out with my wife. They were very useful in reducing cooking times but they were generally something you can't walk away from. The magic of the Instant Pot is the ability to walk away once it turns on. It pressurizes and when the timer hits zero, it can naturally depressurize. Once it's done, it keeps warm until you're back and ready to serve. Other features include a timer where you can set it to pressurize, slow cooker feature, and many unexplored features. Let's be real, you're going to get the Instant Pot for the pressure cooking feature. 

In addition, the safety features of this pressure cooker prevents many of the pitfalls of traditional pressure cookers. I remember once when my old pressure cooker did not depressurize properly, food pretty much was everywhere. It wasn't an explosion but more of a hot splash of stew on my hands which burnt them lightly.

As for recipes, the internet is full of fantastic links for easy to prepare and make recipes. In our family, we generally have a preference for Hong Kong style cuisine. So with a couple key words such as Hong Kong Style Instant Pot Recipes, I came across this site ( So far i've tried three recipes and they've been very good and very easy to make. 

It's such a chore sometimes to clean up after cooking a meal (pots, pans, prep dishes etc). The fact that I can saute in the Instant Pot and deglaze it to add flavour is a fantastic feature. Once everything is ready, close the lid, and set the timer, then I can use that time to clean up my kitchen counters. 

If you were to ask my mom, she would say that she would recommend it as she doesn't have to cook as often.

The one i purchased is currently out of stock on at the time of this article ( but i'm sure you could find it at other stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Outfitters. 

Bottom line, if you can follow Lego instructions you can make healthy meals with the Instant Pot. 

Until next time.