Logitech K810 - Multiple Personalities?

I primarily use 3 devices. iPhone, iPad, and PC(The adopted brother). So when I was looking at a keyboard, I naturally sided to one that had the capabilities to sync up with all 3 devices. 

The Logitech K810 is capable of syncing with three devices, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, it can do it all. The syncing process is real simple and the only hiccup I had was that my PC was not bluetooth enabled. Using my trusty Amazon Prime, I was able to purchase a bluetooth dongle for $10 and I was set.

Why did I need a multisyncing keyboard? Convenience factor of being able to use it to type on iMessage on my phone, use it on my iPad and not have to turn on the computer, and also save room on my desk if I use my PC. 

This keyboard is backlit and the brightness can be adjustable with a press of F5 or F6. The key strokes feel a lot like a notebook keyboard and I have no real complaints about it, beside the price.

This keyboard is EXPENSIVE. There are several versions of this ranging from around $40 to $130. The cheaper ones aren't backlit and the keys are also circular so the typing feel may be different. Where as the most expensive Logitech multi sync keyboard has a slot to place your iPhone or iPad. 

I'll link the keyboards here:

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