Keysmart - Is it really that smart?

Before the Keysmart, I hated that I walked with a key jingling sound. I had my keys clipped onto my fanny pack because I bent keys before in my pants. But the jingling got to me, I had enough, so I looked for a solution. There were options out there, some were convoluted, requiring pictures of keys so that new keys can be cut. There was also no solution for existing keyfobs (I still haven't found one). 

Out of the options I looked into, the Keysmart was the simplest solution to my problem. On video, it looked perfect, 4-8 keys? It'll work great. But in reality, I was able to only use 4 keys. There are extensions you can buy to increase the capacity of keys you can carry. I was able to downsize to 4 without any real major problems. 

The design is quite simple, 2 plates, 2 screws, sandwich the keys using the screws and plates. Simple right? My fat fingers always have issues, ask my family about me trying to fill tea cups. They'll say I have bad hands. I thought it was a frustrating processes cause you had to play around with it to make sure the combinations fit. 

Other issues I have with the Keysmart is that my keys sometimes jam against each other. I've had times where I stood at the door, unable to swivel the key that I needed. 

I've been using this for about 4 months now and the durability is exceptional. Other than the previous comment about the key jams, it works as advertised 99% of the time. Overall, it's a good product, it's not the best but it's simple enough to use. You can purchase the Keysmart on Amazon for $26