Book Review: I got tricked.

Let's start with the title of this review, I got tricked. I bought in to the click bait or more so Book Cover Bait. 

The book, "YOU ARE A BADASS- HOW TO STOP DOUBTING YOUR GREATNESS AND START LIVING AN AWESOME LIFE" by Jen Sincero. The only reason why I bought this book is because it was a recommendation after I read "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck" by Mark Manson (review coming). But come on, the title in itself is a "DAMN, I AM A BADASS? Fo reals? It's that simple?" BUY!

BOY WAS I WRONG.  Chapter 1, the author talks about herself and how she got started. She started from the bottom now she's here. Making stacks while travelling the world "inspiring" people using her steps. Pretty good introduction I guess, but take a step back, what she's saying is, "You could have an awesome life like mine, just read my book". <-- first red flag. 

Chapter 2, "The G word" At first like a naive reader, I was thinking, dafuq is the G word, she talking about the G-Spot? It didn't take long until I found out what she meant. In order to absorb everything from this book, she needs you to do one thing- Believe in God. Wait what? What the fuck did I just read? Why wasn't this in any of the reviews I read about this or the brief summary? Where's the refund button?!!?!?! What? there's no refund button? angry face emoji.

I take a deep breath and continue to read on, it can't be that bad, it really can't. The author goes on to say, if you don't believe in God, that's ok, let's swap out the word God for Source Energy, Goddess, The Big Guy, Higher Power, The Grand Poobah, Gut, Intuition, Spirit, The Force, The Zone, The Lord, The Mother Lode, The Universe. I struggle reading the rest of the chapter as my mind automatically replaces Source Energy with God. ***Disclaimer, no offense to anyone who is religious, I just didn't expect a book to be preaching about a "Higher Power" that contributes to our Awesome life

In my mind, I said to myself, "Maybe there's something awesome hidden in this spiritual talk? give it a chance" I gave it 7 chapters and I honestly do not know why no one has written a super negative review about this book (until now). 

Here are the following points that made me cringe:

  • Vibrating energy - your vibrations attract other similar vibrations towards you
  • Affirmations - "Billy, you rock harder than anyone I know"
  • You are special - entitlement issues
  • Love yourself
  • Stop making fun of yourself
  • Let the love in
  • Don't compare yourself to others
  • Forgive yourself

All of it sounded superficial in every possible way. You may disagree with me and that's ok, cause no one lives the same template in life. If this type of motivational talk works for you, then all the power to you. You can buy the book here

I rather be motivated to do things and be directed towards good problems to solve than superficial things like affirmations and vibrating energy. There are things that I can agree on such as Do You, because you are the only one that can create your own path. You're the one responsible for your own life and as much as you can blame others, you have to look at yourself. 

Lesson of the day, don't buy a book with more than 10 words as the title (this one has 16). Check out my previous posts for book recommendations.

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