Book Review: Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

In November, I received a text from my cousin that said, "The Personal MBA, you gotta read it. It's the best book I've ever read." Just like that, I ordered the book on Amazon and I was blown away within 30 minutes of reading this book. 

The basic premise of this book is that he'll teach you the basics of what business school would have at a micro fraction of the cost. Let's bear in mind though, this is a book, this does not open opportunities like going through schooling, networking, co-op. Having said that, the author argues that in America, prestigious schools would charge an equivalent of a mortgage for a MBA.

If you're already in the business world, aka the cubicle life, this book could open your mind to new ideas, streamline the way you work, and give you enough knowledge to sound SMARTER. I'll give you this example. I was in a room of executives from my corporation, my first time in a setting like this. I'm generally a very quiet person and only speak when I have a point to make. I never want to fill dead space with my voice. So when it came down to it, I dropped phrases like cognitive switching and how some processes are not worth the time it takes for a person to regain their concentration by interrupting their flow. I managed to apply a idea I learned from a book for $16 to make an impression. Money well spent. 

If you're a process focus person, this book talks about value stream mapping and where you can improve processes that you currently have now. Examine your processes and identify redundencies? Why is something done and the answer of, "We've always done it this way" is the worst possible answer. I'm asking you why and you're giving me a historical answer? No, not good enough and that's why we have to examine and eliminate if possible. 

From an entrepreneurship perspective, it really starts from the beginning, talking about why someone would want to buy your product. How to market it so that there is the desirability factor, to manufacturing, to distributing, this book covers it all but it doesn't dwell into the subject on a micro level.The author provides links and a reading list if you want to dwell into some subjects on a deeper level. The business phrase for this book is that it looks at everything at a "High level". 

One sticking point I got out of the book is why Apple is so successful without social media campaigns. Their stores allow customers to come in and touch their product. Not only touch, but to experience it on the level of "How is it like to live with this?". Low pressure sales, next level customer service, easy returns, Apple removes most risks in the consideration process and this is why they are on top.  

I've already recommended this book to my friends and family just to pay it forward. If you're an entrepreneur, serving a life sentence in a cubicle, or unemployed, this book is a MUST read. I kid you not, pick up this book and absorb it, use it as a tool in the future in life. You can buy it through this link

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