Meet ups

I'm dedicating my time to meet up with my friends, family, and my new social media friends. The purpose of these meet ups are to connect, create, and develop ideas that you may have. We can talk about entrepreneurship, personal things going on in your life, passions, whatever is on your mind. I've been an outside the box thinker my entire life. I'm a dreamer and strong believer that you can make your dreams come true by taking that first step.

Please note that I'm not a therapist by trade, I'm just a really good listener who has honest opinions. I think mental illness is a real thing, if I feel that you are going through something, I'll suggest that you seek professional help and it's not a bad thing to seek help. It's actually a brave and strength building exercise.

If you say something that I feel strongly against or feel that you're looking at it the wrong way, you'll see it on my face.

I want us to put our egos aside at the door and really work together to create a bond in which we have a safe place to discuss our wildest ideas, concerns, and outlooks. 

What do I get out of this? The connection with you as an individual and more knowledge about you. I've been hiding in a cubicle too long, scared of making new connections, and I can honestly say, my passion is to connect. 

If you're interesting in meeting up for an hour or two on Sundays, please give me a shout on Instagram or Facebook, or you can use the contact function in my blog.