The Marquis

Location: 2666 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Old Fashioned and Wine

Service:  Server nice server but can't say much as we only came for drinks. It felt like they took awhile to bring it though.

Atmosphere: Felt very old world, New York, Subway sort of feel. Ages ranged from 25-70, very diverse crowd. 

Bottom line: We were waiting for our show to start so we headed here for a couple of drinks before heading over. This place looking so fancy, it only felt right to order a cocktail of some sort. I have to say, I wasn't a huge fan of my Old Fashioned, I've had better at..The Keg. But the overall experience was alright, no real complaints.

Out the door price: Under $25

Repeat: No

Final Rating: 3/5

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BierCraft Bistro

Location: 3305 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Korenberg Blonde, Dagarad, Moody Brown Ale, and this one that was 8% 

Service:  Awesome bartender who gave us popcorn and water at the appropriate time

Atmosphere: Great atmosphere, loved all the beers on tap. 

Bottom line: This is a pretty great place to chat. There weren't too many TVs which can be a distraction for some people. Service was great, the beer selection was phenomenal, and the popcorn is a nice touch. I've heard good things about their food too so I'll have to try that next time. 

Out the door price: $40 including tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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Bridge Brewing Company

Location: 1448 Charlotte Road, North Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Blood Orange Wheat Ale... MMMMmmmmmmmmm

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Small space, nice seating area, patio looks dope.

Bottom line: I've had their blood orange wheat ale before at Tap and Barrel and I couldn't resist it. Also they let us try their pumpkin ale and that was fine af. Go check them out, they're pretty dope. Only snack foods served, they do have tacos for $12 for 3. P.S. I love their glasses.

Out the door price: $5 for a glass plus tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Location: 115-3900 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC

Meal:  Light roast pour over coffee

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Very bright space with tons of seating. 

Bottom line: My friends brought me here because they were given a gift card. I liked the esthetics of the place and the fact they have numerous type of drip coffee was cool. But you want to know about the taste. I asked them for the lightest roast and I'd have to say, it's a bit more acidic than I'm used to. The cup size was equivalent to a tall at Starbucks, resulting energy, satisfactory. 

Out the door price: $4

Repeat: No

Final Rating: 3/5

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The Keg - Granville Island

Location: 1499 Anderson Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Prime Rib Sliders, 6xGin Sours, Calamari

Service:  As expected, Keg service is always great.

Atmosphere: Their lounge is awesome, no complaints here.


Bottom line: Came here for a late dinner after Theatre Sports and dabbled in their regular menu and cocktail hour menu. Ordered their prime rib sliders which are 3 for $16 and comes with those onion chips. Then for cocktail hour, we ordered gin sours and calamari. The calamari was good because it came with a Thai spicy sauce and traditional tzatziki (totally lactarded friendly). 

Out the door price: $60 with tip 

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Location: 2817 Murray Street, Metro Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Sit and Stay Belgian Ale

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Nice space, no cable tv which is perfect for conversations with friends.

Bottom line: I've had Yellow Dog Brewing Co. before but not in their tasting room. The people working there definitely wasn't as warm as the other breweries we've been to. But they did give us a really small sample to try which was nice of them (we asked). 

I'll straight up say it, I'm not a fan of hoppy beers and it's pretty hoppy at Yellow Dog. The one thing I did enjoy is their space and how configurable it is with their stools. 

Out the door price: $6 with tip for a smaller glass

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3/5

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Twin Sails Brewing

Location: 2821 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC

Meal:  Beer Flight and Dat Juice and Juice Plus IPA


Service:  Counter service, no table service.

Atmosphere: Smaller than some of the other breweries in the area but the ambiance is still fantastic. Intimate but also warm and comforting. 

Bottom line: I don't recall all the ones that I had because at this point of the evening I was getting a bit tipsy. But what I do remember was the ones that I really enjoyed which was Dat Juice IPA and Juice Plus. Both were SO refreshing and the names of their beers are so entertaining. 

Out the door price: $7 for a flight Prices ranging from $5-$12 for a glass/pint (could be $10), again I'm sort of fuzzy at the moment. 

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 5/5  Hands down best brewery on the strip.

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Parkside Brewery

Location: 2731 Murray St, Port Moody, BC

Meal:  Beer Flight

Service:  Counter service, no table service.

Atmosphere: Very big space, one of the bigger ones in the area. Loud, pretty loud. Outside patio with astroturf if you want to sit on the ground, tons of seating inside. Fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. 

Bottom line: Craft beer can be such a hit and miss unless you know what you like in terms of hops. Parkside Brewery is definitely a place I wanted to check out based on the good things I've heard. Ordered their $7 flight and tried 4 of theirs beers. 

1. Dawn Pilsner - this was ok

3. Graffiti IPA - way more depth than #1.

5. Motel Five Hop IPA - perhaps the most intriguing beer of the 4, recommended by the server.

7. Citra IPA- Not as citrusy as I hoped but it was still very refreshing.

Definitely a great place to check out for beers and laughs, make sure you check back tomorrow for the review of the Mexican place outside Parkside Brewery. 

Out the door price: Bill came out to under $9 with tip.

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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The Shameful Tiki Room

Location: 4362 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Mai Tai and Sriracha Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Service:  Absolutely amazing once you sit down. The one recommendation I have is to make a reservation or you'll be waiting for maybe an hour or so. Sitting time is a maximum of two hours per table.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is really why you want to come here. The owners have managed to recreate a piece of Hawaii and Tiki culture by infusing it in every inch of this lounge. Order the mystery bowl or the volcano and see what happens. 

Bottom line: This was my first time at the Shameful Tiki after a ton of people recommend that I try it. The first initial thought I had when I entered was wow, it's very humid in here. But my friend said to me that they do it on purpose to recreate how it feels in Hawaii (props). 

I really had no idea which drinks to order so I decided on their special of the day which was a Mai Tai for $8 (normally 12). Each drink on the menu has an icon representation of how strong the drink is. The Mai Tai was considered a three which was on the higher end of the spectrum. 

How was the drink? STRONG. As the ice diluted it a bit, it became easier to drink but it really reminded me of a strong margarita. 

As for food, I ordered 8 pieces of the Sriracha teriyaki wings which were very good. The meat fell off the bones and the wings were covered in sauce. It was spicy but wasn't unbearable. 


Out the door price: Under $25 with tip

Repeat: Yes!

Final Rating: 4/5

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Location: 1188 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Lemon Pineapple Green Tea

Service:  Quick.

Atmosphere: More like a juice bar take out place. 

Bottom line: It was my first time at Happy Lemon and I liked it. The drink I got was the Lemon Pineapple Green Tea which had chunks of lemon and pineapple in it. So refreshing. They also have daily specials!

Out the door price: Under $6

Repeat: Yes!

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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