Location: 4298 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

My foray into the vegan cuisine experience was very short. I personally didn't find the food or snacks appetizing until I recently discovered for myself, Chickpea. 

First off, the smell that radiates from this place is drool inducing. I've spent many nights waiting for orders here for Doordash and wanting to eat here asap. Secondly, the atmosphere and decor is very Main St. I love looking at the decoration at the top near the ceiling. Third, their menus have old school hardcover books, such a throwback. 

But you came here for the food and I assure you, the food is amazing. Never would I thought I would give a vegan place a perfect score, but Chickpea deserves it. I ordered the Cauliflower of Life which is: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 17.39.24 PM.png

I was enlightened to the point where I would go vegan if every meal was this good. Ordering the platter gives you humus, pita, salad, and the legendary chickpea fries. The chickpea fries are a must cause it's drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce and when fresh, the middle is oh so good. 

Lil ordered:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 17.41.33 PM.png

She loved her platter and would order again for sure. 

Keep in mind, if you're early, you won't have to wait long for your food. From 3pm to 6pm they have happy hour deals like pita and a pint for $15, pints of craft beer for $5, and deals on house made cocktails. 

Rating: 5/5 because it was so elfin good. 

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Virtuous Pie

Location: 583 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

IMG_3129 2.jpg

140 characters summary: Pizza that is different but tastes amazing. I would come back and how busy it was after 8 pm is a solid indication that this place is dope.

My Instagram feed is always filled with pictures of people having pizza at Virtuous Pie. Vegans and non-vegans alike seem to really enjoy the food here. 


I finally I had the chance to try it out this past weekend and damn... it was good. We ordered the Southern Belle and Super Funghi. The Southern Belle is a sweet and savoury pizza with a tofu-like meat substitute that is similar to Chinese vegetarian food. The Super Fungi was lighter in flavour but packed a huge punch in weight. If I recall correctly, they used a mashed potato base and it worked perfectly. 

One interesting note is that I've never seen that many Asian people work in a pizza place before. Besides that random fact, I've never seen that many people work at a pizza place before LOL. 

Highlights: I really enjoyed watching their workflow (yes I went there, I do it for work), the pizzas were pretty damn good for a vegan pizza (I've never had a vegan pizza). 

Lowlights: I got hangry, not their fault. Couldn't find any negatives for them.

Rating: 4.5/5


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