La Taqueria (Main St)

Location: 2521 Main St. Vancouver, BC

We came here after a couple of beers from Brassneck. I found out about this location via a fellow foodie, Maggi Mei http://vieamaggi.com. Her pics of the tacos sent me on a frenzy of wanting to give this place a try ASAP. 

What did we order: 

2 Atun - Seared albacore tuna with wasabi mayo, chili ponzu, cabbage & pico de gallo on a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

1 Baja - Tempura beer battered seasonal fish with cabbage, cilantro, salsa mexicana and chipotle mayo in a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

1 Cabo - Tempura beer battered prawns fish with cabbage, cilantro, salsa mexicana and chipotle mayo in a 6" hand made flour tortilla.

On tap margarita and 33 acres of Darkness

La Taqueria has taken the Portland approach of order at the counter and sit, wait for your food.  It's a casual place so don't expect service like Tacofino. 

Let's start off with the drinks, the margarita was delicious, highly recommend it. 33 acres of Darkness is a dark beer with coffee and chocolate tones, extremely delicious. 

Now to the tacos, Atun, it's not tacofino that's for sure. They cook it almost 80% done but the sauce and cabbage combined is still refreshing. The Baja had a lot of beer batter and it really overpowered the taco. It was ok, but I realized I don't like beer battered proteins. The Cabo was pretty similar to the Baja, I can't elaborate on it anymore. 

Cabo on the top, Baja on the bottom

Cabo on the top, Baja on the bottom

They also have churos at this location but I didn't save room for dessert. 

Overall, the experience was ok, knowing that for less, I can get an amazing experience elsewhere, I probably won't be back again. 

Rating: 3/5 

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La Mezcaleria

Location: 1622 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

140 characters summary: 

La Mezaleria was on our list to try and we almost walked out because we couldn't get a table. Good thing we didn't because this was an amazing experience. Our server was our bartender who definitely made the experience a lot better. Great personality, funny, and super charismatic. 

We started our evening with drinks and the ceviche flight which consisted of pico, octopus ceviche, fish ceviche, and guacamole. All 4 cups were amazing. 


I ordered the bbq seafood platter which has ahi tuna, octopus, and prawns. It's cooked on a hot plate and heavily seasoned with salt and spices. The octopus may be the softest and most tender octopus I've ever had in my life. The ahi tuna was good but I had to eat it quickly before the hot plate cooked it through. The dish came with four tortillas that I made my own tacos with.


Lillia and her friend ordered tacos and I was lucky enough to try a couple bites. I tried one that was a pan-fried pork with pineapples and mint leaves. Super refreshing and it felt like paradise in my mouth. The other one was a deep fried fish taco that was AMAZING. I honestly felt that the tacos were on par with Tacofino. 

Highlights: Ceviche flight, bbq octopus, fish taco, pan-fried pork taco, beer selection, margarita. 

Lowlights: The price of that seafood dish and the ceviche flights

Rating: 4.5/5

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Original's Cafe Mexicano

Location: 1-2231 Clarke St, Port Moody, BC

Meal:  3 Tacos, Steak, pulled pork, and fried pork

Service:  Our server was really friendly and attentive

Atmosphere: Inside was super warm, we had to sit on the patio. 

Bottom line: My friend Cassandra recommended that I try Original's Cafe Mexicano because they have gluten-free options. This place is really cute from the outside, a tiny little house that is a restaurant. Our server gave us her favourites and we basically went for it. Overall, the tacos were pretty good, not the best I've ever had but still pretty good!

Out the door price: $30 with tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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