Saha Eatery (Squamish)

Location: 38128 2 Ave, Squamish

This is a nice little addition to Squamish. My love for Middle Eastern food has grown exponentially in the past 12 months with awesome places like Jamjar, The Afghan Horseman, Chickpea, and the list goes on for Vancouver. So when I heard that Saha Eatery opened in Squamish, it was a no brainer to try and see how it stacks up.


We ordered the quinoa Royale salad and the Meshwi sample platter for 3 people. The quinoa salad is perhaps the best quinoa salad i’ve had in a very long time. The only closest one would be at Tractor in Vancouver. Why? because it contains the following: RED & WHITE QUINOA, CARAMELIZED ONIONS, DATES GARNISHED WITH PISTACHIOS, BARBERRIES, DRIED APRICOTS & FIGS ON MIXED GREENS WITH ROASTED SHALLOT POMEGRANATE DRESSING. The dressing is just perfect and brings a nice spring lightness to it.


The Meshwi platter was also very good. Very fresh salmon skewers with zero fishy after taste. Also comes with two chicken and beef skewers. The skewers are served on a bed of perfectly roasted baby potatoes that are lightly salted. To top it off, the tahini… I mumbled these words as I inhaled the food, “probably one of the best tahini sauces i’ve had in a while.”

If you live in Squamish or driving by, want something healthier, come give Saha Eatery a try. Their wraps and bowls also look very good if you don’t want to spend too much for lunch.

Rating 4/5

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Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina

Location: 1584 Hwy 99, Squamish, BC

I've been to Squamish quite a bit in the past year and I've driven by Mag's 99 so many times without going in. Today, that changed as I made it my mission to try this infamous chicken #hype. 


Initial thoughts, I've never seen a door with that many stickers before. This place is like a hole in a wall art gallery with different themes. 

IMG_5099 2.jpg

Also they are in some major cities like London and Tokyo and then Squamish....? 

IMG_5102 2.jpg

Most people in line ordered Mexican food and the portions looked massive. I would suggest that you come starving. They serve beer on tap and in cans. But more about their Mexican menu, there is way more Mexican features than there is chicken, also they don't have tots :( 

You came here for the chicken review so here it is:


Initial thoughts, chicken tasted a bit dry, seasoning was good, but not the best. Wasn't overly oily on my fingers. The dark meat was juicy, probably the better of the two pieces. Verdict, did i want more? The answer is yes. Price is $3 for a single piece but the price lowers as you order more pieces. Is the hype real? Half real.

Rating: 4/5


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Sushi Sen

Location: 40382 Tantalus Way, Squamish, BC

Meal:  King Salmon aburi, Seabream nigiri, Fatty toro nigiri, Blue sea roll with tuna, chicken karaage, and black cod.

Red Sea roll

Red Sea roll

Service: Servers were excellent, we had to wait for a table but there was plenty of room in the waiting area. 

Black dragon roll

Black dragon roll

Atmosphere: Loved the decor and the wood used at the bar. There are massive kimonos hung from the wall, a very nice touch.

Salmon sashimi aburi

Salmon sashimi aburi

Bottom line: Sushi Sen is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in the small town of Squamish. Lillian has been hyping this place up to a place of no return and I was ready to consume whatever she recommended. We started off with the King salmon aburi which was good, I was expecting a fattier taste. The onions may have been too over-powering for the nigiri. Seabream tasted very fresh. The fatty toro aburi was where it was at though. I could probably have a whole plate of them. 

Blue sea roll is a sweet and savory roll as it has fresh mango inside it. I'm a fan of fruit on salads and pineapple on pizza, so when my tongue tasted the mango it made my eyes light up. It's such a refreshing roll and I get the hype now. 

Other dishes we got was the chicken karaage and the black cod. Chicken karaage was lightly battered and the chicken was nicely seasoned. The black cod is marinated for 3 days and it was on point (just be careful about the bones in it). The skin was crispy but it could have been crispier. 

I was also offered to try out some other rolls with our friends and the black dragon roll is legit. Avocado and unagi with their purple imperial rice 🔥.

Is this place worth the drive from Vancouver? Maybe. Is this place worth a pit stop, hell yes. If you live in Squamish, this has to be your favourite restaurant cause it's priced right and it tastes fresh af. 

Chicken karaage

Chicken karaage

Out the door price: I don't remember to be honest but it was reasonable.

Black cod

Black cod

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 5/5

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The Watershed Grill

Location: 41101 Government Road, Squamish, BC

Meal:   Double Caesar and yam fries

Service:  Table service but they were cash only that day, probably an internet connection issue

Atmosphere: It reminds me of a shack but it's a cool ass shack. Large TVs if you sports. 

Bottom line: We came to escape from the rain after experiencing the most epic eagle watching ever. They had Caesars on special so we had that with some yam fries. Caesars was really good and had a serious kick to it. The rim of the glass was heavily seasoned and it made for an enjoyable experience. This review will be purely based on the Caesar and it was pretty darn good. 

Out the door price: Under $25

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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