Yum Sweet Shop

Location: 4150 Main St

This place is a child’s paradise and also a kidult’s heaven. Unlike a lot of places that weigh the amount you buy, they offer Chinese take out boxes and you fill it up until you can close it. It’s a flat rate but the prices are a lot higher. I don’t recall the price for the smaller box maybe $6/7 but the larger box is $20. I’m a sucker for the sweet and sour ones and I have to say, they have a very good selection.


As for the ice cream sandwich that is two giant cookies, it was AMAZING. The ice cream was my favourite part, the cookie came second, and the chocolate with caramel came third. I loved the vanilla flavouring of the ice cream, it tasted really natural (it may have been from Rocky Point Ice Cream). It’s under $10 for one and I recommend that you share it. It took us two sessions to finish it but it was still very good the next day.

Definitely recommend taking your date here for the 3rd or 4th date.

Rating 3.5/5

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Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

Location: 551 Howe Street, Vancouver


I recently went out for lunch with my mother downtown and she says she’s a regular at this Vietnamese restaurant. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. First impression, the menu is on the wall and it took me a minute to find where the noodle soups were. There is probably less than a handful of options for pho but definitely more rice dishes, western options, and desserts.


There are also two options of ordering, a. sit down and wait for service or b. you do it the Portland way and order at the counter. (you get a number).

In terms of the food, my mom ordered desserts for herself which included the coconut sticky rice which is sticky rice with banana in the middle topped with a scoop of coconut cream. This was the first time I had this dish in Vancouver and I recently had it in Ho Chi Minh City. Taste is very similar but definitely not as fresh and warm as the original.


I ordered the brisket pho. I noticed that the soup looked rich and full of flavour. As I lifted the noodles, I can tell that the thickness is a lot more narrow that I’m accustomed to. Briskets were full on chunks of brisket instead of the traditional thin slices which is a welcomed sight. Soup has this Chinese style brisket flavour to it and comes with carrots and daikon. Definitely very tasty and it was under $10.

In terms of service, it’s one of the slower Vietnamese places i’ve been to. Generally pho places bring out the orders probably within 5 minutes of ordering.

Overall, I’d recommend this restaurant because of the desserts which are very authentic and the soup wasn’t bad at all.

Rating: 4/5

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Location: 3432 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Dessert sampler

Dessert sampler

Meal:   Creme Brulee Bubble Waffle and Dessert Sampler

Service:  They have table service or counter service.

Atmosphere: It's very bright inside and the menus are super easy to read. There's just a lot of options.

Bottom line: Came here after dinner and this was the second time we've been here. The first time we go bubble tea and it was pretty decent. Honey Aloe Tea was refreshing and the mango egg pudding frap was great. This time we wanted to try their bubble waffles and cheesecake. 

The bubble waffles were a bit dense to my liking but they still tasted good. The froze creme brulee was not appetizing though. The bananas were delicious because it had the brulee aspect to them. The dessert sampler came with a Mochi ice cream that I suspect was from Lotti and their macarons had a really dense cream in the middle (probably not my top 5 macarons I've tried). Cheesecake was pretty generic and I wouldn't recommend getting the sampler.

Out the door price: Under $22

Repeat: Yes, only for the bubble tea

Final Rating: 3/5

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Icy Bar

Location: 1475 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Cendol Icy, my friends ordered Mango Sago Icy and the MASSIVE 8 ITEMS SHAVED ICE.

Cendol Icy

Cendol Icy

Service:  Table service and it's super casual like most dessert places, pay the at the till when done.

Mango sago icy

Mango sago icy

Atmosphere: Hole in the wall sort of deal, nice rap music, got my body moving.

Bottom line: My cendol icy was pretty good, no complaints there. My friends' shaved ice I had a couple bites and it seems like they use a very coarse ice and not a powdery snow ice. This comes down to personal preference but I enjoyed their toppings. The drinks are fairly big and not bad at all. Great place to hang out and chat. 

Out the door price: $8 with tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Breka Bakery & Cafe

Location: 6533 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Strawberry and chocolate matcha cake and Dolcé something cake (Tina)


Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Really small and most people are there studying so we were lucky we found a seat. 

Bottom line: Tina RAVES about Breka and we were on a #CakeSearch mission so she brought me to Breka. If you're lactose intolerant, make sure you bring your pills cause there is a lot of dairy-related food here. My cake was decent but I'm not a huge cake fan to begin with. The service was good and I had no complaints about that. Tina couldn't finish her Dolcé cake but I tried some of it and it was decent, especially the chocolate part. 

Out the door price: Bill came out to under $8 with tip

Repeat: Maybe for coffee if I'm near one, they have multiple locations

Final Rating: 3/5

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Sugar Lab

Location: 5376 Grimmer Street, Burnaby, BC

Meal:  Cold Mango Sago in Coconut Milk, Fruit Tea, and Strawberry Nutella Pancakes


Service:  Table service, but bare basics.

Atmosphere: Bright, some large table seating for 4-6, not a big space at all. 

Bottom line: I've seen Sugar Lab as I've driven by Kingsway and my friend Tina has been dying for cake lately. The disappointing thing when we got there was they sold out of their crepe cakes. Fortunately, their menu is pretty large and had other options. 


I ordered the cold mango sago in coconut milk and a fruit tea. Tina ordered the strawberry nutella pancakes with a hot milk tea. 


Mango sago was pretty good, they had a larger portion than some places I've been to before so that's a plus. The fruit tea was good, lots of fragrances, but the fruit tasted a bit off at times. Tina didn't need to tell me if it was good as the pancakes disappeared pretty quickly but she enjoyed her hot milk tea!

Out the door price: Bill came out to under $13 with tip for my sago and fruit tea

Repeat: Maybe, if they have cake.

Final Rating: 3/5

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Beta5 - Ice Cream Social September 9th 2017

Location: 413 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Green Tea Latte Sundae and Vietnamese Coffee Cream Puff


Service:  Friendly counter service

Atmosphere: Small service area, can get crowded quick if it's raining. 

Bottom line: I've seen tons of photos of Beta5 and have definitely felt the fomo in the past. But I finally made it out to one of their Ice Cream socials and tried their Green Tea Latte Sundae. 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop matcha, mochi bits, a whole bunch of other toppings, whip cream = death for a lactose intolerant (raises hand). It was really good though, totally worth the pain. 

The Vietnamese coffee cream puff is by far the best cream puff I've ever had in my life. Beard Papa seems elementary compared to Beta5. You have the cream, you have the custard, you have the chocolate, you have the amaze. 

Out the door price: $10.50 for the sundae, $5.25 for the puff

Repeat: Yes for the chocolate, no for the dairy cause lactarded.

Final Rating: 4/5

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Meet Fresh on Robson

Location: 1232 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

Desserts of the Asian variety has always made me weak at the knees. Anything from shaved ice, mango, soup style, or sweet puddings, I just love Asian desserts. Lately, I've noticed an influx of these bowls with grass jelly in it. My initial thoughts were "Damn...grass jelly is my jam..." and finally last night I made plans to try it. 

First off, the menu here is pretty vast, but based on all the photos I've seen, I came here to try their signature Meet Fresh Herbal Bowl. Other things I would have loved to try included their tofu pudding and shaved ice offerings. 

The Meet Fresh Herbal Bowl is $12.50 and initially, I thought there would be a mixed variety of beans, shaved ice, grass jelly, and them balls in it. Nope. I was wrong. No beans, just the shaved ice, grass jelly, and two variations of chewy balls. That's pretty damn pricey! 

But how was the grass jelly? I'm no connoisseur but it tasted pretty damn good. I really enjoyed the shaved ice portion of it because it was also made out of the same herbal ingredients. My friend Jayme did not like it and just a warning to everyone out there who reads this. If you've never had grass jelly, try someone else's first before you buy cause it's quite a strong flavour. 

Would I go back? I probably would try the other styles of dessert before I write them off. 

Let me know if you know of any good Asian dessert places in the comments or hit me up on the socials. 

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Blossom Teas - Mango Bingsu #painforpleasure

Location: Blossom Teas

Meal:  Mango Bingsu

Atmosphere: Warm, sort of loud with the blenders.

Service: Always good. 

Bottom line: I saw on their Facebook page that they're offering a new Spring/Summer feature called the Mango or Strawberry Bingsu (shave yogurt ice). First off, the yogurt tasted amazing but it doesn't have that light snowy texture compared to other places. The mangos were SO fresh and ripe. Overall, it was great and I'm happy to report that I did not require any type of mobile assistance device after having this dairy product. 

Out the door price: $10 with tip

Repeat: Yes, summer desserts for the win. 

Final Rating:   4/5