The Mighty Oak

Location: 198 West 18th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


We were on our way to Main St. for coffee but we stumbled upon The Mighty Oak and gave it a try. Inside there are baked goods, a bit of grocery things like dried pasta, ice cream, similar to Le Marche St. George. 

We ordered an Americano combo which comes with a Belgian waffle for $5 and a matcha latte. Everything was good. There is our door seating available so you can people watch or there is limited seating inside. 

It was definitely a good Americano so I'll be sure to visit again.

Rating: 4/5 


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Le Marche St. George

Location: 4393 Saint George Street, Vancouver, BC

I can't recall if I've rated a cafe with a perfect score yet. If I haven't, Le Marche St. George is the best cafe I've been to since I started food blogging. 

Why is it the best? 

  • The Americano is delicious AF
  • Cinnamon bun is perhaps the best yet (weekends only)
  • The employees working there are super friendly
  • Decor in the shop is awesome with tables outside, perfect for a sunny day

Rating: 5/5 


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Tandem Bike Cafe

Location: 3195 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC

This is a neighbourhood gem of a place. It's not a brunch place but more of a grab a small bite and coffee. When I first stepped foot into place I took a moment to question, am I at the right place cause this looks like a bike repair shop. But then if you take a look to the right, that's where the coffee and pastries are served, hence the name Tandem Bike Cafe (half bike repair shop half cafe). 

First off, coffee was good, not sure which beans they use but it was to my liking. But the star... if you're going to go to Tandem Bike Cafe, you MUST GET THE CINNAMON BUN.  Especially if you like gooey cinnamon buns, it is AMAZING. It doesn't have a lot of layers like Solly's but it's more traditional and very evenly balanced in terms of the sweetness. 


Please note, on Saturdays, they open from 10am-4pm which is kind of strange for a Saturday. I'm here waiting for it to open right now. Also closed on Sundays. 

Rating: 4/5 

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Fergie's Cafe

Location: 70002 Squamish Valley Rd, BC

Meal:  The Dubliner Benny and the 15-hours brisket chilli with corn bread and bulletproof coffee (coconut oil). 

Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee

Service:  Counter service but they bring the food out to you when it's ready. 

Atmosphere: It's a unique atmosphere as it's modular in a way. The dining area is like a long tiny home with plenty of seating and a fireplace. There is also outdoor seating when it's nice. 

Bottom line: The common opinion of Fergie's Cafe is that it's a hoppin' place. Get there early or you'll be waiting for a table for a while. Good thing Sunwolf cabins and Fergie's is on the same property so we strolled down after we checked out for brunch. First off, the bulletproof coffee was out of this world, maybe the best cup of drip coffee I've ever had and it had a lot to do with the coconut oil. 

Lillian got The Dubliner and it was very refreshing as it had an apple slaw with bacon chunks. The egg was done medium so it wasn't oozing everywhere. I ordered the 15-hours brisket chilli with cornbread. The brisket indeed melted in your mouth but the chilli I found a bit too salty. The chilli came with guac, yogurt, and a fried egg on top. 

Out the door price: Under $30

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4.5/5

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Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Location: 115-3900 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC

Meal:  Light roast pour over coffee

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Very bright space with tons of seating. 

Bottom line: My friends brought me here because they were given a gift card. I liked the esthetics of the place and the fact they have numerous type of drip coffee was cool. But you want to know about the taste. I asked them for the lightest roast and I'd have to say, it's a bit more acidic than I'm used to. The cup size was equivalent to a tall at Starbucks, resulting energy, satisfactory. 

Out the door price: $4

Repeat: No

Final Rating: 3/5

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La forêt

Location: 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, BC 

Meal:  Bulgogi Breakfast Platter


Service:  Counter service

Coffee supplied by Timbertrain (so so )

Coffee supplied by Timbertrain (so so )

Atmosphere: Omg, this may be the most beautiful cafe in Burnaby or in Metro Vancouver. Their playlist for their music is fire as well.

Bottom line: Korean food for breakfast? Is it a thing? It really should be. I will now be craving Korean food for breakfast... all. the. time. Thanks, La Foret for opening my eyes to the possibilities of brunch. I'm sure they bake all their bread in-house as they are a bakery so their squid ink toast was phenomenal, their matcha toast was equally hot, and their normal bread was decent. But the star... that bulgogi... SO good. I tried my friend's waffles and it was fresh and airy... my goodness. 

I'm hyping this place quite high right now but because everything just works. Like the walls? look at my pics, the walls are so AMAZING. I'm talking about walls now, not even food. I swear I'm not drunk. 

Points of criticism, need more signage or menu's that are visible for people in line. The buzzer works well to pick up food but needs to be consistent with implementing it (i didn't get a buzzer). 

Out the door price: Bill came out to under $20 with tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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Pallet Coffee Roasters

Location: 1398 Kingsway, Vancouver BC 

Meal: Long Shot Americano

Atmosphere: Really love the lighting coming from the ceiling, bar seating by the window. The only downside is the acoustics in the room. I could hear everyone's conversations. 

Service: Friendly staff, my coffee took a little longer to make but it's ok, I wasn't in a rush. 

Bottom line: I came here because it was recommended to me and I can say the coffee was pleasant. It did have more of an acidic taste to it compared to what I'm accustomed to. But there are so many variables with coffee and I can say it was a good cup. Aside from that, the location is really nice, like I said before, it felt like the acoustics were poor and I could hear a lot of the conversations around the place. 

Out the door price: $3.15

Repeat: No, the taste of the Americano isn't what I'm used to.

Final Rating:  3/5

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Chez Christophe Chocolaterie and Pastisserie- The Home of the Double Baked Croissant

Location: 4717 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC

Meal: Double baked almond chocolate croissant and an Americano

Atmosphere: Pretty busy, loud with a lot of talking and the coffee machines going on in the background. My AirPods have to be set to near max, my AirPods aren't really noise cancelling. 

Service: They use the dry erase marker method to take your order. Coffee took awhile to make, pretty backed up with orders. 

Bottom line: Good and bad. Their double baked almond chocolate croissant is to die for. Seriously, it's a must try. Flakey, sweet, a little bit of moisture in the core. The bad, the Americano is perhaps the worst Americano I've had in my life. Beyond acidic. My recommendation is come for the baked goods and chocolate but pass on the Americano. 

Out the door price: Under $10. 

Repeat: Yes, I have already and I also saw BigHeadTaco there! (fellow Youtuber)

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