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Dragon Ball Tea House

Location: 1007 W King Edward Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Dragon Ball Tea House is an institution where if you like bubble tea, you probably have had it before. I recently did a bubble tea run for Lillian and her friends and she suggested I try the jackfruit slushy. 

First off, there's going to be a line at around 9PM because a lot of people have bubble tea cravings. I waited about 15 minutes before I put in my order of 15 bubbles teas (sorry to the people behind me). The server wrote down my order and nailed it. They also accommodated my freezer bag which was great. ALSO CASH ONLY!

Back to the jackfruit slushy, it was really good. The bubbles were amazing and it was so refreshing! Definitely try it if you haven't before, it reminds me of lychee and pineapple together. 

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Yifang Fruit Tea

Location: 2-1725 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

I knew nothing about Yifang Fruit Tea besides that a lot of people went to try it during it's grand opening. I was in the area so I figured I give it a go. 

First impression, the menu on the wall is only in Chinese. For myself, who doesn't know how to read Chinese, I had the impression that I would have to do some pointing to people's drinks or ask what their favourite drink was. My worries subsided when I saw a menu on the counter that had English on it. 


We ordered the original Yifang Fruit Tea and their pearl milk tea. We wanted to order the black pearl latte but they only have it twice a day and was immediately sold out when we got there. 

What's in the Yifang Fruit tea? Because there wasn't much description in the menu, I can tell you that there was oranges, apples, maybe pears, and some sort of slimy seed. Was it good? Yeah! it was refreshing, I ordered it half sweet and 30% ice and it was plenty of sweetness. As for the pearl milk tea, it was also very good. The pearls they use are a little smaller which is nice. 

Rating: 4/5 

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Location: 3432 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Dessert sampler

Dessert sampler

Meal:   Creme Brulee Bubble Waffle and Dessert Sampler

Service:  They have table service or counter service.

Atmosphere: It's very bright inside and the menus are super easy to read. There's just a lot of options.

Bottom line: Came here after dinner and this was the second time we've been here. The first time we go bubble tea and it was pretty decent. Honey Aloe Tea was refreshing and the mango egg pudding frap was great. This time we wanted to try their bubble waffles and cheesecake. 

The bubble waffles were a bit dense to my liking but they still tasted good. The froze creme brulee was not appetizing though. The bananas were delicious because it had the brulee aspect to them. The dessert sampler came with a Mochi ice cream that I suspect was from Lotti and their macarons had a really dense cream in the middle (probably not my top 5 macarons I've tried). Cheesecake was pretty generic and I wouldn't recommend getting the sampler.

Out the door price: Under $22

Repeat: Yes, only for the bubble tea

Final Rating: 3/5

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Chef Hung's at SFU

Location: Unit 109 - 9055 University High St, Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, Burnaby

Meal:  Champion Beef Brisket in clear soup with flat noodles and Yu Chun (might have spelled it wrong) milk tea with pearls. 


Service:  Sub par

Atmosphere: Busy, lots of take-out going on. Mainly students.

Bottom line: As busy as it was, I managed to get seated right away. The menu was a mark a box and hand the piece of paper to the server a la dim sum style. If you want pictures, ask the server for the regular menu if you can get a hold of the person. 

I ordered the Champion Beef Brisket in clear soup because "Champion". They hyped that way up and I was up for the challenge. Ordered my milk tea as well (start the clock). 


Food came at an acceptable time and my first thought was "look at that brisket..." Seriously beautiful amount of fat to meat ratio. The soup was a creamy clear soup that looked very ramen-esque. Initial taste of the soup, not overly seasoned but I'm also fighting a head cold. The more I had of it though, the more flavor I was able to taste. The meat was not over seasoned and I could taste a bit of gaminess to it which was good. Noodles were done perfectly and it was a thicker type of noodle so don't think flat rice noodle. 

Finally the milk tea, on point, no complaints. 

Points of criticism: It's really $#@ing expensive for noodle soup. Seriously, over $14 for my champion bowl. Service could be better, the fact that I had to leave my table to hand my order in is unacceptable for how much i'm paying. How do students even afford this?!

Out the door price: $22 with tip

Repeat: I'm torn because it's expensive so it's a maybe.

Final Rating: 4/5

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Location: 1188 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  Lemon Pineapple Green Tea

Service:  Quick.

Atmosphere: More like a juice bar take out place. 

Bottom line: It was my first time at Happy Lemon and I liked it. The drink I got was the Lemon Pineapple Green Tea which had chunks of lemon and pineapple in it. So refreshing. They also have daily specials!

Out the door price: Under $6

Repeat: Yes!

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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Blossom Teas - North Burnaby's Hidden Gem

Location: 23-7198 Barnet Road, Burnaby, BC

Drink: Triple Black Milk Tea with Pearls = Quadruple Black Milk Tea. What makes it black? Black tea, black sugar, grass jelly (which is black), and pearls. 

Atmosphere: A little on the warm side but it's cozy.

Service: Order at the counter and wait for the drinks. The menu is pretty vast so take your time.

Bottom line: This is Lee and I's regular bubble tea spot. Some of the must tries are the mango supreme ice bowl, any type of mango drink, and the quadruple black milk tea. During the summer time, this place is where we hit up weekly for our bubble tea fix. Service has always been awesome, they take credit, debit, and cash. 

Out the door price: Under $8 with tip for the Quad black milk tea

Repeat: Yes, all the time, it really is that good. The mango, always ripe, always fresh.

Final Rating: 

IMG_0616 2.JPG
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TeapressU - perhaps the finest bubble tea I've ever had

Location: 551 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Iron Buddha milk tea with grass jelly

Atmosphere: Watch your head, it's a food truck!

Service: Knowledgable owner and operators. Really friendly demeanour. 

Bottom line: I thought ChaTime had the best milk tea ever. I was wrong. TeapressU blew my mind, a stronger tea, an awesome grass jelly, and just the perfect combination. Afterwards, they said that this wasn't even their best offering which made my jaw drop. Thank you to Victor for suggesting this. 

Out the door price: Under $6 including tip

Repeat: Yes, I need to try more!

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Quick Look at The Bubble Tea Shop - ORIGINAL EVERYTHING PLEASE

Location: 1680 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal: Original Milk Tea w/ bubbles + original bubble waffles

Atmosphere: Rad playlist of music I enjoyed while I waited. Wide assortment of display toys along the wall. Lots of seats.

Service: Service was quick, bubble waffles made to order.

Bottom line: Came here after a quick lunch next door at Sushi Itoga. This is the place where there is two cups in one (2 cups, 1 guy). I ordered the original milk tea with bubbles and the original bubble waffles (cause I'm basic like that). Bubble tea was ok, tasted like the Little Tea House, no where as good at ChaTime. Bubble waffle was more cake like that crispy and hollow but it was good. They sprinkled some powder sugar on it, only downside is that I was wearing dark jeans. I ended up with spots on my pants, looked like something else... 

Out the door price: Under $10 for both items

Repeat: Yes, want to go next level and get the two cups, one guy drank. 


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