Norman Rudy's Pub

Location: 40900 Tantalus Rd, Garibaldi Highlands, BC aka Squamish

We recently checked our Norman Rudy's Pub for dinner. Unfortunately we went on a night where they were having a corporate event with a live band. 


The line up:

- Avocado fries

- Spicy wings

- Spicy Chicken burger

- Chicken Caesar salad

Spicy wings were really good, a late kick but definitely worth it. Spicy chicken burger was surprisingly good. Two chicken cutlets, aged cheddar, spicy mayo, and a slab of kimchi. The kimchi was perfect in so many ways and it elevated this burger. As for the chicken Caesar salad, it was on point and I ended up finishing it for Lil. 


As for beer, they have a Phillips White Unicorn IPA, I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it before. 

Overall service was great, I'll be back cause I recently won a prize at Squamish Days so round 2 of that chicken burger here I come!

Rating: 4/5


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Backcountry Brewing

Location: 405-1201 Commercial Way, Squamish, BC

Meal:  Beer flights, Forager Pizza

Service:  Counter service

Atmosphere: Has an indoor chalet feel with long tables and smaller tables.

Bottom line: I've been told a lot about the breweries in Squamish so I was really excited to give it a go. If you enjoy hoppy beers, this place is probably the place to try. I personally am not a huge fan of hops but I was able to find their IPA enjoyable. It had a really earthy pine tone to it that was really paired well with the outdoor feel of Squamish. The one thing that I highly recommend is the Forager Pizza. This is a next level field mushroom pizza with a white sauce. It's actually making my mouth water thinking about it. 

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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Chef Big D's

Location: 38040 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, BC

Meal:  Fried Egg Sandwich and Crabcake bennys

Service:  When there's a clean table available, take a seat, a server will be right with you!

Atmosphere: Very cosy breakfast joint that has a great small town feel

Bottom line: This was our first meal in Squamish and I had no idea what to expect. Not knowing anything about their food scene, I had zero expectations. First, coffee, pretty decent diner style quality. Second, Fried Egg Sandwich, pretty good, cheddar was nicely melted and the bread had a nice layer of mayo. Egg was well done, no gooey goodness today. But the star was the crabcake bennys... That's some next level breakfast dish. It could have been crispier but hands down it made me go WOW. The potatoes on both dishes were ok, not stellar but it's different.

Out the door price: Under $30 with tip

Repeat: Yes

Final Rating: 4/5

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