BIRRY EATS: Pacific Poke

I'm new to poke and I haven't really had a lot of poke to be a connoisseur in that area but my taste buds don't lie. Before stepping into Pacific Poke, my friend joked about being food reviewers, I didn't mention to her that I was serious about it. 

Photo source: @pacificpokeofficial on Instagram

Photo source: @pacificpokeofficial on Instagram

First thing you notice, the decor and ambience is CLEAN! We're talking Apple store clean, lighting, chairs, tables, everything in this place screams fresh. So does the appearance match the freshness of the fish? 

I made my own bowl with the kale salad base, selected sockeye salmon, negitoro, and spicy tuna. If you get the large, you can pick 3 proteins (I think it was 3.. could have been four, i was hungry ok?), and then 4 toppings which I selected, kimchee, spicy seaweed, normal seaweed, and pickled onions. They finish it off with a little ponzu, wasabi crunchy bits, and sesame miso mayo. Being on the Four Hour Body meal plan, this was the perfect low carb high protein meal that I needed. The one thing to point out is that the girl serving us was equally as awesome. She even asked if we were allergic to anything, that alone showed that they had a high level of customer service. The Poke Guy and Poke Time did not ask me about food allergies plus they were nowhere as clean. They have other options like a poke panini, juices, and the option to have brown rice or even a mix of rice. A nice touch!

So my Asian friends are probably itching to know how much? $12 for a normal size which means you get less protein, toppings and rice, or $14 for a large size for more protein, toppings, and rice. I think that price range is perfect for fresh af fish, great service, decor, and overall ambience. 

My friend and I both had an awesome time talking in their wonderful lights and enjoyed our meals immensely. I read on Yelp that this place is considered the best poke place in Vancouver and I have to agree. Check it out yourself and let me know what you think of it. 

Side note: I think they use MSG in something so just in case you're allergic to it.

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Pacific Poke - 625 Main Street, Vancouver, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V4