Pepinos Spaghetti

Address: 631 Commercial Dr Vancouver

There’s been a lot of talk about Pepinos and how amazing everything is. From the service, to the dishes, and their wines. So I went online and made a reservation cause it’s definitely required to get in. 

First impression, everyone is so friendly. I haven’t been to a restaurant where everyone greets you as you step through the restaurant. The decor reminds me of Godfather and it really makes you feel like you’re in an Italian restaurant.

We ordered two glasses of wine. The $13 Savio collaboration (which was really acidic, do not recommend) and a $17 cab sauv and it was amazing.

Started with the calamari and I’ve never had such meaty calamari in my life. The garlic sauce that you dip into was 👌🏻



As for the mains, we ordered the signature Spaghetti and meatballs in gravy and the Chicken Piccata. Meatballs were massive and the tomato sauce was delicious. The chicken piccata was a bit rich cause it’s cooked in butter but it was delicious. The chicken is fried similar to a chicken teriyaki cutlet. 


We finished off our meal with a cheese cake which was super fluffy. On top was a cherry compote but I secretly wished it was strawberry.  


Overall, the meal, the experience were top notch but it was a pricey meal for Italian food. 

Rating: 5/5

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Books that given me new perspectives in life in the past 6 months

Growing up, I wasn’t an avid reader and I was actually really horrible at it throughout University. It was just difficult to retain the information when I showed very little interest in the topic at hand.

When I realized I needed a change in my life and that I was the one to make this change happen, I began reading. The one book that started it was The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. I’m a failed entrepreneur that made some side money in the wedding industry but never was able to quit my job. Kaufman’s book was good because it was a very easy take on many facets of business such as lean methodology, creating value, marketing, sales, and so much more. It’s a book that I keep referring back to whenever I need a refresher. Click here to buy:

The second book and perhaps one of the most influential books I’ve read is Mark Manson’s The Art of Not Giving A F*ck. I love Manson’s style because it was so relatable and easy to read. He talks about why it is important to have a finite number of f*cks to give and that not everyone is entitled to your time and attention. Not only that, he breaks down relationships, feelings and just personal growth. I touted this book as a must read of 2017 on my blog at Click here to buy:

The third book is #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re unfamiliar with Gary Vee, he’s an entrepreneur that started out in the wine business and now has built a media empire off of his influence. There’s tons of information regarding social media, value, legacy, and just great answers. It reads like an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and it’s a quick read. The book itself doesn’t cost that much especially if you buy it on your Kindle. Click here to buy:

The fourth book is Captivate: The Science of succeeding with People by Vanessa Edwards and it’s about the science of people. She’s able to break down psychology into normal people terms and it’s really enhanced my life. She uses an introduction of “Hi I’m Vanessa, a recovering introvert” and this is actually something that I use today. It’s a very different approach to introductions and it can really spark a conversation. I’ve reread this book about three times and I’ve been able to extract more and more from it. Key subjects include reading micro expressions and breaking down personality types quickly. This is the 2nd book you should read in 2017. Click here to buy:

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John D. Mann is also a book that I highly recommend. I come from a giving culture so it’s important for myself to give back. The book reads like a story with an excellent plot, characters, and lessons. It took me about two hours to finish and I wasn’t able to stop reading this. Click here to buy:

Finally, for leaders or management out there, The Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni. This book also reads like the Go-Giver with characters and stories that have lessons from the experiences. It’s a great book if you’re beginning your journey in a leadership role or even need a refresher on why you’re in that position in the first place. Culture is the main topic in this book and how to change the culture. Click here to buy:

Let me know if you have any book recommendations, I’m always looking for content that expands my horizons.

WSDMCLUB Barber Shop Review 🙏🏻

I've been dying to get a specific look done for my hair for a month now. The last time I went to Man Cave, the guy gave me a generic combover fade and I had enough. I figured I'd pay a little more for my next haircut and get what I wanted. 

As coincidental as this sounds, this could have been fate. I came across this Instagram post and was stoked to see how clean WSDMCLUB Barber Shop was. I made an appointment, showed up, and the rest is history. Reign was my barber, I sat down, told him what I wanted, and throughout the process he checked in to make sure I wanted what I wanted. I don't always communicate clearly so I really appreciated his patience and also execution on the cut.

It was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier. Funny thing, near the end, he said to me that this was his favourite style of hair cut, like I said, fate. Reign also recommended products to me which I appreciated because so that I can achieve the same look at home. 

The end to end experiences is top notch, from the moment you step in the door to when you pay and leave. These guys know customer service. 

Check out the guys at and book your next cut!

Reign's Instagram account :

WSDMCLUB's Instagram account:

Final Rating: The coveted 5/5