Location: 2042-B W 4th Ave, Vancouver


Hundy has been on my radar since their soft opening. I sat at home watching their instagram stories of people snapping photos of their burgers and fries. Yesterday night, I had enough, it was time to try out Hundy.

First impressions, the music playlist really sets the vibe of the whole place. I love how they converted this place into a restaurant at night and a coffee shop by day. I also like that the take my phone number and text me when my table is ready approach.

It’s a counter service restaurant (like PDX restaurants) so while we waited for our table we ordered beers. Their beers are constantly changing but I had the Farmhouse 33 Acres experiment beer and it was amazing. It’s a very refreshing IPA without too many hops and fruity flavours.


Alright, 4th paragraph in, I should start talking about the food. I ordered the bacon cheese burger with fries. The sauce in the burger is what makes this burger amazing. It’s hard to explain what it is, but their secret sauce is boss. Bun, patty, veg, and cheese were all great sidekicks in this burger. But, the true Robin to the Batman were the fries. These fries… their like my crown jewel of fries… places like Cockney Kings and other OG fish and chips places. You think you come here for the burger, but when you leave… the fries are what you think about.


My buddy Bryan ordered the bacon poutine with a chicken burger. I tried the poutine and must say it was worth the $7. As for his review of the chicken burger, he said, “I’ll be back.”.

Once I posted the pics on IG, the DMs exploded with, “How was it?” “Is the hype real?”



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