Osteria Savio Volpe

Location: 615 Kingsway, Vancouver

When people I just meet find out that I blog about food, 10/10 times the first question is, "What's your favourite restaurant?" For about a year now, my answer has always been Miku but it all changed after tonight's experience at Osteria Savio Volpe. Savio Volpe to me was like the holy grail of restaurants, I've heard so much about it, read stories, even a friend of mine works there. But for some reason, I never made an effort to go. 

First off, reservations are highly recommended, if not you may wait 2 hours for a table on a Friday night. We went as a group of 4 so deciding on food was difficult, our server suggested we do the family style chef's choice which is a 5 course meal. Done.

When they say 5 courses, it was more like 10-12 dishes. I kid you not, this was the best "5" course meal I've had ever. We started off with a salad and bread dip (I was already losing my mind on the dip). It was then followed by a prosciutto, cheese, and melon dish (freshly prepared). Then a yellow watermelon salad (first time I've ever had yellow watermelon) which was a nice balance of sweet and savoury. Finally, the kale salad which reminded me of a Caesar salad but much more healthier. What I described was courses 1 and 2. 

Course 3 was the pasta.... I made really inappropriate faces during this meal and I didn't even know #foodgasm. First pasta dish was a ricotta ravioli in a butter cream sauce. The second pasta dish was a beef and pork thick noodle (don't remember what it's called) pasta and hands down, it was the best pasta I've ever had IN MY LIFE. I could eat a massive plate of that for weeks. 

Course 4 was the meats. Lemon roasted half chicken... wow. Just wow. Another best ever. Such a balanced rub on the skin, you can taste the acid from the lemon and the spices they used. The chicken was incredible juicy. Their steak was pretty good as well, medium rare, perfect char, paired with cherry tomatoes that were roasted in butter. I'll be dreaming about those tomatoes. 

Finally course 5, dessert. That vanilla ice cream. Incredible. It came with a cake and some hot slices of fruit, but that ice cream was it for me. Last dessert was an orgasm of a chocolate cake. Dark chocolate with pine nuts and olive oil on the plate. 

Savio Volpe has exceeded my expectations far beyond I could have imagined. 

"So what's your favourite restaurant in Vancouver?"  me: OSTERIA SAVIO VOLPE 100% 

Rating: 10/5 mic drop.


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