Ramen Taka

Location: 841 Bidwell St, Vancouver, BC

Full disclaimer. I was invited to try their ramen during their soft opening. This is an unbiased review of the food I tried. 


Ramen Taka is located where the old Ramenman used to be. I never had Ramenman so I can't give a comparison to that restaurant but I can say two words about Ramen Taka, MUST TRY.

Ramen Taka hails from Hokkaido and this is their first international location. Their broths are unique in the sense that they combine pork, vegetable, seafood, and some fruit essence. The offer shoyu, shio, miso, and spicy miso broths. Believe me when I say, this is by FAR the hottest (temperature) broth of ramen I've ever had. 


The only way to describe the taste of the miso ramen is that it is not over powered by the miso. This soup has multi-layers of flavour. It is savoury with a layer of richness and then a subtle kick of sweetness. It reminds me of when my mom or when my grandma made soup with high quality vegetables, you can taste the sweetness and freshness of the produce. It is unlike any ramen soup I've ever had. 


The shoyu was also good, it was different but also had the same multi-layer taste of the miso. I'd probably get that one just to experience the clear soup broth experience. Our hostess, Heidi, said that the founder, Hideki Sasaki, spends a lot of time prepping and perfecting the soup so that's why it's such an experience. 

Their noodles are made in house and paired with the soup, it was done to perfection. Sorry, no noodle pull pic cause I was super hungry after hearing the story behind Ramen Taka. 


As for the pork, it's cut from a different part of the pig to allow for them to have a circular cut to sit in the bowl. Keep in mind, there is no choice for the level of fat in your pork. This is lean pork and perhaps the most controversial part of Ramen Taka. It will come down to preference but in my opinion, the broth is so mind blowing that I don't even mind that the pork is lean.


We also had the opportunity to try their Zangi chicken. I would describe it as mini churches chicken nuggets of goodness without the grease. It was a very light crunch but really juicy bites. I think it would be perfect if it had a bit of acid on it like lemon juice but that's the type of chicken karaage you dream about. 

Ramen Taka is open now from 11am to 11pm and their grand opening is on April 9th, 2018. Go give it a try, tell them Birry sent you and then let me know what you think of their food. 

Rating: 5/5 that broth is seriously next level, I'm not even exaggerating. 

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