East One Seafood Restaurant

Location: 262-2800 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC


I really try not to write bad reviews on restaurants but this was not a good meal. I actually didn't know HK style breakfast can be so bad until today. We ordered a pork liver congee, the pork liver was overcooked and the blood made the congee really brown. Generally, the congee comes white and they add the liver afterwards to avoid the brown colour.


We also ordered the breakfast combo with eggs, white toast, and spam with a side of ham and macaroni. The white toast was boring, spam was on the unappetizing side, really thin, but the eggs were cooked well. The macaroni soup had too much sesame oil that overpowered the broth. 


Out of all the HK style breakfast places, I would avoid this place. It was super busy, so I don't think this review will affect their business but the quality is not there. 

Rating: 2/5


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