Jinya Ramen Bar

Location: 541 Robson St, Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

The ramen tour continues with Jinya Ramen Bar downtown. It's been open for about a year now and I've finally found someone to go with me (lining up to go for ramen for one seems lonely). 

We waiting for about 30 minutes and they use the yelp reservation system which is pretty snazzy. It tells you how many parties are in front of you and will text you with a confirmation when your table is ready. 

We had bar seating at the window facing the street and it was fantastic. It's been awhile since there has been sun so we absorbed as much as we could. Plus it's great for food photos ;) 

We ordered the following:

Takoyaki - battered octopus over egg tartar topped with kewpie mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, fresh cut green onion and smoked bonito flakes

Jinya Tonkotsu Black - pork broth: pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, nori dried seaweed, seasoned egg*, garlic chips, garlic oil, fried onion, spicy sauce » served with thin noodles 

Sprouting Up Ramen - pork and chicken broth: pork chashu, kikurage, spicy bean sprouts, green onion, half seasoned egg*, crispy brussels sprouts, black pepper, ginger »served with thick noodles

The takoyaki was pretty amazing. Tons of toppings and it sat on some puree which was absolutely amazing. I found myself scrapping the dish for more. 


Jinya Tonkotsu Black was definitely very garlicky and the then noodles were different. I generally prefer thick noodles but it was different good. 


The Sprouting Up Ramen was not bad. I've never had a combo of pork and chicken broth before. The highlight was definitely the pork chashu. Throughout our tour, we haven't had a melt in your mouth experience until Jinya. The crispy Brussels sprouts were nice but the chashu was definitely the star of the dish. 


Overall we had an excellent experience, the servers were nice and knowledgeable and the people watching view was great. 

Rating: 5/5 

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