Guu Otokomae

Location: 105-375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

I was tasked with finding a restaurant that will wow everyone that was invited. I've been to Guu before and I knew that their food was consistent. I haven't been to Guu Otokomae before so I was excited to see what it had in store. 

What did we order:

Takoyaki - The flavour was very creamy. Tasted excellent but was low on the tako. Jinya still takes the cake for the best takoyaki in Vancouver. 


Pressed salmon sushi - we really wanted the aburi style oshi that we saw in some photos. I'm not sure if it was lost in translation but this was the closest to it. Wild sockeye salmon tasted fresh. Wasabi could have been freshly grounded as it was extremely potent. 


Bbq beef short rib - It was very good. Marinated perfectly and it's those type of ribs where you clean it off the bone. 


Pork and shrimp gyoza - This dish was one of my favourites because its so refreshing with the parsley/cilantro (I never can tell the difference). The pork and shrimp combo was very tasty.


Guu Yakiudon - The signature Guu yakiudon was delicious. I wanted to make sure we try a breadth of food and not just meat so I figured their signature dish is a safe bet and it was. 


Chicken karage - The deep fried chicken was also a crowd favourite. Both their house made soy sauce and mayo added dimensions to this dish. 

Grilled miso yellow fin tuna. - they sold out of the sockeye salmon so we tried the yellow fin tuna. It was excellent, I would definitely order this one again. 

Maguro tataki - This was by far my favourite of the night. The maguro (Tuna) was so fresh and the colour of it was beautiful. The ponzu or soy sauce that came with it really made this dish pop. I highly recommend this dish. 

Deep fried tempura ice cream with coconut ice cream - The ice cream was amazing... I could have probably eaten a pint of it. The deep fried banana could have been done better. 

We also ordered the bread pudding brulée but I didn't take a picture of it. I would suggest you pass on it unless you're a huge pudding fan. 

Service was excellent, beer selection is great. I also suggest you try the Strange Fellows Triple Eye IPA, perhaps one of the best IPAs I've had this year. 


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