Riz Sushi and Catering (Take-out Edition)

Location: 2887 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC

I'm not a huge fan of hype, free things, or offers that require me to line up. My time is valuable for me so I decided to wait until the crowds died down for Riz Sushi. 

I was in a rush that day so I decided to call in on my way into Vancouver to order the poke bowls. The person who picked up was friendly and very helpful in describing the steps that were involved in creating each bowl. By the time I arrived, the bowls were ready and I was in and out of Riz in 5 minutes. 

What did I order?

3 scoops poke bowl - 2 salmon, 1 tuna - all the toppings, wasabi aioli, all crunch

3 scoops poke bowl- 1 salmon, 2 tuna - all the toppings (except cucumber), truffle garlic aioli, all crunch

Let's start off with the fish. The way that they prepare the fish is more traditional Hawaiian poke. There is a saltiness to the fish and the texture doesn't taste as fresh. I even dare to say a little slimy for the tuna that I had. The good thing is that there wasn't any funky fish flavours. 

The toppings were good although their kimchi cucumber wasn't kimchi'd at all, it was just regular cucumber. As for the sauce, I think they have one of the better selection of sauces. I enjoyed my wasabi aioli (wasn't too spicy) and I also tried Lillian's truffle garlic aioli which was pretty amazing (flavour packed). 

We ordered the combo which came with the option of deep fried gyoza or spam musubi, and other options. Also came with a pop of choice. The deep fried gyoza was good but I would skip on the spam musubi, nothing spectacular about it. 

Would I go back? Probably because it's on the way and their sauces were good. I'd probably try the ahi tuna next time. 

Other notables: Brown rice is extra $1, truffle aioli is extra 50 cents. 

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