Ramen Danbo

Location: 1833 West 4th, Vancouver, BC

I've been trying to find a place that has a thicker noodle and my friend Shauna suggested that I give Ramen Danbo a go. I've driven by this place a number of times and there's always a line up. My go to is... whenever there is a line up, it must be good. 

I ordered the Miso Chasu-men, which has 6 pieces of chasu pork, lots of onions, and miso soup. I chose normal everything and a little bit of spicy just to clear up my nasal passages. I had Hokkaido Ramen Santouka a couple nights before and I can say I prefer the ramen at Danbo in comparison. The noodles are a lot better thick compared to the ones at Santouka. The pork on the other hand was sliced really thin compared to Santouka. I ordered an extra soft boil egg and it was done to perfection. 

Lillian ordered the Shiyo chasu-men and her broth was lighter but still very good. She felt the same about the pork. We also ordered the gyozas and I suggest people to pass on it. The gyoza sauce was good but I didn't like the texture of the filling. 


Overall, the experience was good. Our ramen tour continues with Ramen Butcher but I've already reviewed that I think? Time to try a new dish though.

Rating: 4/5


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