Birry, what’s your favourite restaurant? 2018 edition

I get this question almost immediately when people find out I have a food blog. It’s never an easy question but I’ve figured a way to answer it.  

I break it down to 4 price points. Cheap, affordable, expensive, and splurge.  

Cheap - Banh Mi Saigon - Definitely my go to for a fresh sandwich. After going to Vietnam and trying banh mi sandwiches from the North to the South, I have to say that Mike makes the best banh mi. For $5 you can get their special or try their lemon grass pork. 

Affordable - DD Mau in Chinatown is a premiere Vietnamese restaurant that offers regional specials from all over Vietnam such as Hanoi’s egg coffee, chicken pho, Hoi an’s chicken rice, and some really special dishes like their fried chicken wings and carpaccio. They also have a great selection of craft beers. 

Expensive - Savio Volpe is my choice for expensive if you pick the family style meal. You have to do the family style meal and go with another couple cause it’s just an amazing experience. You basically touch almost every food group during that meal and by far the most memorable meal I had in 2018. 

Splurge - Miku is still my splurge restaurant of choice of 2018. The only way to put it is foodgasmic when you bite into the aburi. You’re wallet will definitely feel lighter but you can die happy knowing you experienced such an amazing culinary experience. 

Want to see the reviews for the above restaurants? Simply hit ctrl+ f (or command + F) and search the name. It’ll appear in the links below.

What is your top 4 categories? Let me know, I’d love to explore the picks you have.