DD Mau

Location : 45 E Pender St, Vancouver

DD Mau Chinatown Menu: https://www.ddmau.ca/chinatown/

DD Mau is definitely my top 3 recommended restaurants in Vancouver right now.

Here is what to order:

Sticky rice - I’m still thinking about this simple dish. The mushrooms and the soy with the fried egg on top.


Pork Belly Combo - comes with the soup, but the pork belly is so tender, melt in your mouth goodness.


Chicken wings - by far the best wings in town. Gives Phnom Penh a run for its money. It’s different, more like a cola sweet fried glaze.


Trifecta Rice - 3 different types of meats, veggies, and a fried egg (no pic)

Grilled Betel Leaf Meatball Platter - it’s a messy dish but it’s a delicious one. Wrap your own vermicelli tacos. (no pic)

Chicken Pho - a light soup. This is the best comfort dish when you’re feeling under the weather. (to the left)


BÚN CHA HÀ NOI - Very different from the traditional buns you find in town. Do not dump all the sauce on the noodles or you’ll be having a very salty dish. (to the right)

Would I recommend? Hell yes. This is the top 3 on my list of recommends for Vancouver. Atmosphere is great, prices are reasonable, the wings are to die for, service has always been excellent. I consider DD Mau the biggest hidden gem in Vancouver right now. Hype is real.

Rating: 5/5 Go try it, let me know what you think