Hoké Poké


Location: 1834 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

140 Character Summary: The large is pretty big with free of charge wild salmon. Ah-hi tuna is an extra $1. Prices add up if you add a drink and tip so keep that in mind. Sauces are unique for when they mix the poké.

It's almost been my mission to try all the new poké places in Vancouver. The trend for these shops have been incredible and I was excited to see what Hoké Poké had to offer. 

Like most poké places, the menu was pretty easy to understand. The prices on the board seemed ok considering how big their large is. Options of white rice, brown rice, salad, or tortilla chips were available. 

I opted to make my own bowl to have a bit more control how it will turn out. Some proteins are extra like the ahi-tuna ($1) compared to other places where the ah-hi tuna is not an extra. But their wild salmon is not an extra charge which is a good thing as well. 

When creating the poké, they do the mix in the sauce and some toppings in front of you versus the pre-mixed poké method of preparing your food (fish already mixed with sauce). I chose the sweet shoyu and sweet chili shoyu for my sauce for the atlantic salmon and wild salmon. My third protein was their spicy tuna which was a mashed tuna texture versus cubed tuna with hot sauce. Every bowl came with the complimentary scoops of seaweed salad and imitation crab. 

How was the taste? It was good but a bit overly spicy for me. It got my nasal passages flowing which was great. It had a bit of a Korean flare to it which was different but perhaps too overpowering. There was quite a bit of food for a large and it was the first time I had to take home poké. 

What was bad about it? First off the price, without a drink, it might have been more reasonable. A drink, large poke bowl, and 15% tip was $21 (should you tip at a poké place? comment below). The experience was definitely different and if you're able to get a window seat, it's not too shabby. My other gripe was if they didn't mix my side toppings into the poké and just placed it separately on its own. 

Final Rating: 3.5/5 

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