Chef Hung's at SFU

Location: Unit 109 - 9055 University High St, Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, Burnaby

Meal:  Champion Beef Brisket in clear soup with flat noodles and Yu Chun (might have spelled it wrong) milk tea with pearls. 


Service:  Sub par

Atmosphere: Busy, lots of take-out going on. Mainly students.

Bottom line: As busy as it was, I managed to get seated right away. The menu was a mark a box and hand the piece of paper to the server a la dim sum style. If you want pictures, ask the server for the regular menu if you can get a hold of the person. 

I ordered the Champion Beef Brisket in clear soup because "Champion". They hyped that way up and I was up for the challenge. Ordered my milk tea as well (start the clock). 


Food came at an acceptable time and my first thought was "look at that brisket..." Seriously beautiful amount of fat to meat ratio. The soup was a creamy clear soup that looked very ramen-esque. Initial taste of the soup, not overly seasoned but I'm also fighting a head cold. The more I had of it though, the more flavor I was able to taste. The meat was not over seasoned and I could taste a bit of gaminess to it which was good. Noodles were done perfectly and it was a thicker type of noodle so don't think flat rice noodle. 

Finally the milk tea, on point, no complaints. 

Points of criticism: It's really $#@ing expensive for noodle soup. Seriously, over $14 for my champion bowl. Service could be better, the fact that I had to leave my table to hand my order in is unacceptable for how much i'm paying. How do students even afford this?!

Out the door price: $22 with tip

Repeat: I'm torn because it's expensive so it's a maybe.

Final Rating: 4/5

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