What's Up Hot Dog? - This place should be a wings place instead.

Location: 2481 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Meal:  1lbs Honey Hot Wings, hotdog with pulled pork, and waffle fries. 2 beers.

Atmosphere: Music was pumped way too loud, it was difficult to have a conversation without yelling and spitting. 

Service: Meh. We stood at the door for a solid 4 minutes with the server walking past us 3 times without acknowledging if we wait or at least put us on the waiting list. We eventually went up to the counter and asked what the deal was. 

Bottom line: It's evident that some people just shouldn't be in the service industry and others that are meant to be. The wings were excellent and at a hot dog speciality place, that was a huge surprise to me. The hot dog, on the other hand was meh, I prefer Japadog as the best hot dog you can find in Vancouver. The hot dog was the pulled pork one and meh coleslaw on top. Then there are the waffle fries... I know typically we would be GoDaddy thrusting whenever someone says waffle fries. But I can assure you that these waffle fries are not worth the air thrusts. SALTY AF. 

Plus side, the guy who knew customer service gave us a round of shots for waiting. Mad props to the guy with tattoos all over his head. 

I don't usually write an aftermath portion but it's in the AM and I did not sleep a wink. This may have to do with the possibility of MSG in the food. I'm not sure if it was in the wings, the fries, the hot dog, or the pickle juice that came with my shots. But if you have a sensitivity to MSG, I would say KEEP WALKING. 

Out the door price: $35 with tip for what I had

Repeat: Only for the wings and if I don't have work the next day cause i won't be able to sleep.

Final Rating: 3/5



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