This post deserves a full write up because Duffin's Donuts has been an institution for so many Vancouverites over the past I don't know how many decades. 

I've never been, heard awesome things about it and most importantly, it's cheap. A $20 dollar challenge here would be epic, ideas, who's down?

I went in, not knowing what type of food they served beside the fact they had donuts. Line up took a bit, but after standing there for 10 minutes I decided that I was going to get a Pork Sandwich, one fried chicken drumstick, and of course I had to try a donut. 

I'll talk about the food first because that's why you're here. Fried chicken was hot, I burnt my mouth as the juice/oil squirted out. Breading was good, the taste was on point, can't complain besides burning my fuggin' mouth. 

Pork sandwich. The highlight of the sandwich, the slice of avocado. The pork was a bit thin but I was pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of banana peppers. 

Donut. Cinnamon sugar cake style donut. No complaints. 

3 items. Under $9. 

Here's the bad. Jesus this place is dirty AF. Seriously, they need someone here full time cleaning. It's like the McDonald's near the PNE but 3x as worse and that's saying something. Just filthy. 

Service was super slow, the line up was out the door after I got my food. 

With all that said, I would be back though. $20 challenge. Seriously, who's down? Let's go HAM. 

Much Love,



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