Bubble Waffles at Brentwood Mall - meeehhhhhhhh

Location: Brentwood Town Center

Meal:  Rice Noodles with Chicken soup, spam, pork jowls, fish BALLS. 

Atmosphere: Food court

Service: Turn around was Bubble Waffles time. 

Bottom line: There is the good and then there is the bad. The good, I like they use Lai Fun aka Rice Noodles on the menu. That type of noodles always brings me back to my childhood. The bubble waffles were also really good. 

The bad. The soup base tasted like the instant noodle style soup bases. The spam was mehh, pork jowls or this may be even the type of pork Yoshinoya uses which is a cheaper meat (table cut?). The ice lemon tea tasted like no name ice tea, the powder mix variety. 

Out the door price: Under $11

Repeat: Just for the bubble waffles

Final Rating:   2/5

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