Yook Korean BBQ & Bistro

The Korean cuisine exploration continues with Yook Koran Grilled BBQ and Bistro located at 2408 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, BC. 

It's relatively new and there was no one in the restaurant at 6:15 pm which was a bit concerning. Service was pretty prompt and they served iced grain tea which was a nice touch. 

We ordered the beef short ribs in sweet soy, spicy chicken, OG bimbimbap, and the spicy cold wheat noodles. 

The food came with the traditional appetizers but kimchi was nowhere to be found :( 

The next dish was the OG bimbimbap that was served in a metal bowl. The server provided instructions just in case we didn't know what to do. 

The following dish was the spicy chicken which was okay. The colour would suggest an incredible amount of flavour and spice but it was relatively mild. 

Then the most expensive dish, the beef ribs. Again, the flavour was a bit muted, I tasted more meat than the marinade. The fact it was cooked in a hot cast iron dish meant that the meat was pretty well done near the end. 

Finally, my favourite dish of the night, the spicy cold buckwheat noodles. 

Final score: 3.5/5 I'd come back to try the pork belly for sure. I wish there was a bit more punch in the food but the spicy cold buckwheat noodles were pretty dope. Also, if you're scared of spicy food, the spice at this place is like a 6/10 in terms on intensity. 

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