Blossom Teas - Mango Bingsu #painforpleasure

Location: Blossom Teas

Meal:  Mango Bingsu

Atmosphere: Warm, sort of loud with the blenders.

Service: Always good. 

Bottom line: I saw on their Facebook page that they're offering a new Spring/Summer feature called the Mango or Strawberry Bingsu (shave yogurt ice). First off, the yogurt tasted amazing but it doesn't have that light snowy texture compared to other places. The mangos were SO fresh and ripe. Overall, it was great and I'm happy to report that I did not require any type of mobile assistance device after having this dairy product. 

Out the door price: $10 with tip

Repeat: Yes, summer desserts for the win. 

Final Rating:   4/5