Siga Siga - My first Filipino meal... maybe last.

Location: 650 East Broadway, Vancouver

Meal:  Their famous chicken wings, chicken adobo, and deep fried pork belly, both with garlic rice. 

Atmosphere: Pretty small restaurant, the menu was easy to read. Loud kitchen though. 

Service: Service was pleasant, the owner told us how to eat the food with the two types of sauces that were offered. 

Bottom line: Let's start off with the good. I really enjoyed the garlic rice and fried pork belly. It was especially good with the "multi-purpose sauce" which was from a bottle. The chicken adobo, on the other hand, was a bit iffy because of the chicken bone shrapnel found in every bite. There was this vinegarette that was used for the salad and then we were recommended to use the same sauce for the chicken wings. The chicken wings were nicely deep fried but in terms of taste, it was rather bland. Adding the recommended sauce did not help. I'll give another Filipino restaurant a try before writing off the cuisine. 

Out the door price: Under $30, seemed pricey for overall presentation and etc.

Repeat: Sorry no.

Final Rating:   2.5/5

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