I'm Addicted to #goals and you should be too!

It's quite simple, I goal set hard and I've come to the realization today that I'm quite addicted to goals. You know that Xbox sound when you unlock an achievement? That sound is constantly playing in my head every time I complete something I set my mind to. 

Maybe that's why I loved my Xbox so much is that I was always working towards that goal. The correct term is "goal oriented" but I think I'm on the extreme spectrum of that. 

I'll give you an example. Back in November, I weighed 225 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been. I paid very little attention to my mental and physical health. Food for me was the escape, whether it was the dopamine fix I needed from tasting fantastic food or just justifying a McDonald's meal because I had a hard day. 

My soft goal was to be under 200 lbs again and I didn't set a timeline because I knew it would take time. I began to eat healthy for 6 days a week and continued for 14 weeks until I'm at my current weight of 198 lbs. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit because I'm starting to put on a lot of muscle from hitting the gym 6-7 days a week. 

The gym was phase two of my transformation, building back the muscle I've lost through this process of cutting weight. Every morning I complete a 5X5 workout and that achievement unlock sound plays in my head when I can complete a bench set or a squat set. 

Phase three of my transformation was the running. I hated running, absolutely despised it for my entire life. This weekend, I ran my first 5K and it felt glorious. The next day I ran another 5K and today, I ran 7Ks. I'm hooked, my next goal is 10K and from there I'm working towards a half marathon and then a full marathon. 

I'm chasing these goals so hard because the struggle is addictive and the results are even more rewarding when you work for something. I love pushing through the pain and rewarding myself mentally when the pain is gone. It's euphoric when you no longer feel the pain that is holding you back and you see the path clearly. I ran and ran and could have pushed to 10K today alone. 

Personally, I feel lost and sad when I'm not working towards anything. The other day before I ran my first 5K, I felt awful mentally and emotionally fragile. I found my cure with running, pumping all those endorphins and dropping dopamine like no tomorrow. I was renewed and hooked to this feeling. 

I don't think I could live life statically with no goals because I would then have nothing to look forward to. Setting goals may actually be my fourth core value (I'm having an ah-ha moment right now). 

I track everything on my iPhone and I feel it's a great tool to see progress. Quantifying your progress is important whether it is weight loss, strength building, or running progress. Everything is logged on my phone and I've managed to automate a lot of it with wifi enabled devices like the Apple Watch and the Yunmai Smart scale. 

If you feel lost, not sure what to do with your life, start setting goals. It's worked wonders for me on many levels in my life. Start with realistic and achievable ones. If you fail, it's ok, you learn, adjust, and try again. Failure points are there to test your resilience and how quickly you can bounce back. It'll only make you stronger.  Be willing to fail so that you can self-reflect and continue to level up. 

What are some of your goals for 2017? Leave it in the comments below. 

Much Love,


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