Oh boy, I might have found a bad ramen spot - Yah Yah Ya Ramen

Location: 570 Robson Street, Vancouver

Meal:  Miso Ramen because they don't have their cold ramen yet... I came here for the cold ramen...

Atmosphere: Lots of empty seats - first red flag for a ramen place. 

Service: Attentive servers, refilled my water. 

Bottom line: Like I said above under meal, I came here for the cold ramen because it was recommended to me. Today was hot AF, like 25-30 degrees, I was already sweating like a pig so I really wasn't looking forward to a hot bowl of soup, you get what I mean? 

But because they didn't have the cold ramen, I sat down, didn't want to be a dick and I heard okay things about this place. Fatal error, I should have left. When my bowl of ramen came, the cha siu was like roast beef.... I've never seen cha siu in this colour and sliced in this way. It reminded me of legit roast beef that was super well done. Soup was not memorable, noodles not memorable, medium egg tasted funky. FML, the red flags all add up! How can there be a bad ramen place downtown? Well folks, it exists and you can find it here. I don't know if I'll still try the cold ramen after this experience. 

Out the door price: $12 with tip

Repeat: Hell no. 

Final Rating:   2/5



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