Monplaisir French Macarons

I consider myself pretty experienced when it comes to macarons. I've had my fair share in Vancouver, Victoria, and also around Asia. So when I got an invite from Jean-Marc Mons, the President and C.E.O. of Monplaisir, I was like "heck yes, I want to try your macarons!"

Good thing I came later in the day cause I had the room to myself, too bad I couldn't meet the other foodies in Vancouver. First impressions, of the macaron, this one has more texture than some of the ones I'm accustomed to. The first word that came to my head was chewy but not in a bad way. The chewy texture allows it to sit in your mouth a bit longer than the other macarons from other places. Not just that, it's chewy because it has more almond flower. Jean-Marc mentioned that the chewy texture is the traditional way and that more and more companies use less almond flower because of the costs. 

I tried out the vanilla bean and also the coffee bean one. The filling is truly awesome and like I said before, the chewy texture allows you to taste that filling that much longer. These maracons use all natural ingredients and are also gluten-free!

Monplaisir isn't opening up shop in Vancouver but they are looking for partners in retail, coffee shops, and bakeries. If you would like to carry his awesome product, please check out 

Thanks again Jean-Marc